How to improve concentration – Personal Success

We have all heard of ways to set goals. But how do we stay on course once we have our goals?

Very often, we give up after a few weeks because of procrastination so that we never finish our projects.

The purpose of this article is to get out of this infernal spiral to succeed in focus on what we are aiming for.

A major difficulty of the goals is that they require concentration in our very distracting world. One tip you will read everywhere is to cut your notifications when you work. It's a base, but it's not enough.

We will also talk to you about the Pomodoro method, which is to time yourself to work 25 minutes as efficiently as possible, then take a break and start again.

But these two techniques are not enough to get all the benefits of better concentration. What I'm about to share with you allows me, among other things, to move faster in my projects, to make fewer mistakes and to have this feeling of work done regularly rather than bloating following an overdose of chips in front of me. TV.

I call that 4 roots of concentration. These are tips from psychology that counteract our natural procrastination. I'm going to give you these 4 roots in the order from most important to least important. The first are the deepest roots, like the base of a pyramid.

Put them in place seriously before moving on to what is easier but less essential!

What do you think?

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