How to have a good quality of life

How to be happy? How to improve? How to become rich or to reinforce one's relational capacities … to ask oneself these questions is to place oneself in an angle based on one's personal development. It's already press the right buttons. Promote good reasoning. And it is already doing everything to have a good quality of life. You are a machine. Your brain is extraordinary. And by applying the right settings, you will go very, very far. Much further than you imagine. That's why I'm very happy that you read this article. This proves that you have endorsed, internalized the need to make efforts to make your life what you want to do with it.

It's up to you to define what your life will look like

If you think about it, you'll find that you have goals in every area of ​​your life. You definitely want to make more money. Have more responsibilities. Maintain the flame of your wedding or meet the chosen one of your heart. Have a dream body … And that's fine. These desires will animate your motivation. You must kiss them and never be ashamed. Because if you want to have a good quality of life, the first necessity is to be honest with yourself. Of to confess to you what you are looking for. As I often say … we always find what we are looking for. The point is to know exactly what it is, and not to lie to oneself. Because the ground, he, never lies.

A good quality of life passes by an important rigor

It's no secret, at least not for those who really understand what changing your life means: rigor is at the heart of evolution. Do you want to lose weight? It's not a diet that will help you. It's about playing sports. And to do it seriously. Do you want a job with responsibilities? You will have to work on the acquisition of skills. Do you want a peaceful life? Meditation and yoga will help you, but only if you give them a meaningful place in your schedule. To have a good quality of life, it is important to understand that efforts are paying off. But to refuse to do so, to opt to facilitate it, is also to miss out on great results. Nothing will be offered to you. You have to fight for a good quality of life!

How to improve your quality of life in a certain way?

In a society where "materialism" is gaining momentum, it is important to know that the quality of life of an individual depends on his personal development exclusively. Concretely, to improve one's quality of life is to become aware of one's inner state. The mind and emotions make a person have a better everyday life. To achieve this, here are three essential steps.

Simplicity at the key of change

The first thing to do to hope for change your daily lifeis to begin by making a brief assessment of his experience and the purpose ultimately sought. When a person decides to afford a better quality of life, it is certainly that she has felt one or more unsatisfied needs that do not allow her to blossom as an individual. Also, to improve one's life, the only watchword is simplicity. Not being too self-demanding, knowing how to enjoy the small pleasures of life and seeing things in a positive way is the best thing to do. To see things in a simpler way allows on the one hand to appreciate what already exists. On the other hand, it allows to be more indulgent with oneself, thus facilitating to seize the opportunities offered by the daily life.

Anticipate, organize and plan

It must also be understood that the improvement of the quality of life is not done at once. To believe that everything can change from one day to the next can easily lead to disappointment, if precisely no evolution is observed. Also, the best attitude to adopt to expect a more comfortable life is to know:

  • To anticipate things, by understanding precisely the aspects of one's life as well as one's experiences that come closest to the life one wants. Predicting in advance what your daily life should be, it is easier to choose your priorities and objectives to achieve.
  • Once goals are in mind, the organization contributes to change. To organize one's life is above all to set priorities. To proceed in order of priority is precisely to give oneself the chances of succeeding each of its projects for a better quality of life.
  • Lastly, planning your future makes it possible to keep in mind your objectives, the purpose of which is to improve your quality of life.

Time, an excellent ally

On the other hand, giving yourself time to achieve change remains a process of choice. Concretely, it is only with time that everyone is able to appreciate the good side of things – including his life – while questioning himself to become aware of his mistakes that have contributed to altering his quality of life. Rather than focusing on the purpose of his approach, as much as a progressive approach. In other words, it is necessary to improve gradually its quality of life, by preferring to envisage the evolutions in the short term, then in the medium term so as to be able to savor the change in the long term.

What advice for a good quality of life?

The success of an individual is not measured in his bank account. But the impact it has in the lives of others. In his environment. In his community. And to be able to help, you have to lead a fulfilling, rewarding existence on all levels. The quality of life is often, too often left aside for the benefit of the equipment. Of the image. Financial. Which is a paradox … when we know that it is this balance that allows us to achieve high goals. So what do you say? What are the best tips for a good quality of life?

The family is a wealth that can not be neglected

It is not uncommon to see families tearing apart, exploding precisely because they lack links. Because one of the members is focusing on their own success, in order to share it with other members of the clan. If the logic is commendable it is difficult to live. Because everyone wants to play a role. Contribute to the building and participate in the proper functioning of this entity, whose role is above all to bring confidence and support. Whether you hear the word family in the strict or broad sense, you must understand that your greatest wealth is time. And it does not buy. To you set priorities so you do not always be away from those you love. Because you would end up regretting it. And that would greatly hurt your daily comfort.

Personal development at the base of any improvement

Who says quality of life does not necessarily say (and I think you have now understood) comfort material. The quality of your life is the quality of your emotions. And when you understand that, you understand everything. Thus, it is clear that the person who is always looking for new ways, new avenues to explore to improve, to get involved in his environment leads a life more rewarding than the one that remains on its achievements. Personal development is precisely the idea that there is always something to do to grow. To strengthen oneself. To get closer to happiness. If with that the quality of your life does not improve … I do not know anything about it!

How to improve your quality of life at work?

Your professional life is important. It allows to put into action your values, to define your place in society and of course, to to earn money you need to live.

Unfortunately, we are living in a time when far too many people seem to be in positions not in spite of it. Without taking pleasure and without giving the best of themselves. We will hear that it is the fault of the crisis, of the context.

I say it's wrong. That these people did not probe their hearts. Take the risk of "living" their lives. They prefer security. I do not judge, of course. But to improve your quality of life at work, you need tono logic of accountability. A vision.

And here is where everything starts.

Your work must be part of your personal development plan

Your work should not be a constraint. But help to achieve your personal goals. A way to learn. To improve yourself. To go always higher.

It is by understanding that each exchange, each accomplished task allows you to be in phase with this positive vision of your future that you will be able to enjoy an aura and extremely favorable spin-offs.

To improve quality of life at work, you have to be open-minded. Leave one's prejudices and personal constraints in the cloakroom to focus only on storing skills and experience.

Above all, your state of mind is decisive.

An update on the material conditions that improve the quality of life at work

To leave room for this vision of serenity and evolution that I speak to you, you must respect a certain organization. Show rigor. To be able to free up time and facilitate the daily operations that you have to put in place.

So you should be pell-mell:

  • Always arrive a good twenty minutes in advance
  • Have a work plan stored the night before for the next day
  • Customize your workspace
  • Make to-do lists early so you do not waste time evaluating the priorities of the day before you can begin to work
  • Have a schedule based on specific time periods
  • Leave distractions (phone, tablet, mailbox) out of reach
  • Having in view personal goals to achieve
  • Base your relationships on respect understanding that you are part of a team
  • Plan the most difficult tasks in the morning, when your productivity is at its best …

To improve one's quality of life at work, one must understand that professional activity is a part of oneself. And if you're not comfortable with that idea … so maybe it's time for you to find a job that really suits you, right?

How to have a good quality of life at home?

Success is not just exciting work or a well-stocked bank account. It is above all an organization, a rhythm of life that is satisfactory. For you and your loved ones. The quality of your existence is an issue that spans multiple domains. And in reality, the atmosphere of your home is probably the most important thing. It's your cocoon. Where are your certainties. Where you are safe So how to have a good quality of life at home?

A living environment to respect … that will make you well

As you know, the word "organization" comes up very often when we talk about evolution, about personal development. And for good reason. The presence of simple rules allows you to live in harmony. If you want harmony in your home, you have to look after your environment. I'm talking about the organization of space (thanks to feng shui), relational efforts as well as your active participation in housework. You owe it to yourself to be involved in the maintenance of your environment to improve the quality of your life. You can not just let yourself be carried away. Wait until things go as if they are nothing.

A balance at the heart of the quality of life

Your dwelling place is your sanctuary. It is therefore important to appropriate it. To make your lair. To express your tastes and to make your values ​​prevail. My advice ? Have rules. As for schedules, maintenance, family activities. It is vital that everyone feels concerned. And that the right state of mind is supported by this collective desire to live in a soothing, pleasant space. How to have a good quality of life at home? Introducing the idea of ​​goals. In the short, medium and long term. To bring to life what for some is only a set of walls. But who for you will be the cradle of your creativity.

How to have a good quality of life at work?

I am very happy that you are asking yourself this kind of question. And even more happy to be able to share my point of view with you. Because we often forget that the professional world, whatever your job, it's not just a world where you have your head on the handlebars. Where we must have results. There is also a great deal of human factors. Like the relationship, the ergonomics of the workplace or simply, the well-being. Your job should not be a torture. If that's the case, it's because you're not in your place. Having a good quality of life at work is ensure harmony in everyday life. And it's important to be happy. So what details make the difference?

Organization, organization, organization

Organization of space

We all know, work can be stressful. And filled with obligations. It is therefore vital to evolve in a space that allows appeasement. It's true ergonomics (if you're in an office, the decor and comfort are much more important than you think) and the factual organization. So, you should think about putting away your workspace every night. And organize it so that you have everything you need on hand. Think storage. Think save time. Think efficiency. Short, think organization !

Organization of time and effort

Organization is a logic that you must also apply to your work in itself. I advise you for example to provide specific time slots for the most important tasks of your day. Deadlines that allow you to strengthen your concentration. All, having a sense of priorities. Again, it is strongly recommended to start your day with the most daunting or difficult tasks. It is not at 17:30 that you can tackle the most complicated file of your day. In addition, it is vital if you want to have a good quality of life at work, to give you breaks. It should not be abused of course. And they will reward "intensive" work sessions during which you will have cut off all the distractions that can stop you from being effective at work.

Having a good quality of life at work is also having the right attitude

We sometimes hear that we are "not at work to make friends". This is the kind of attitude that will make you miss many opportunities. Of course, the world of work is not made to spread your privacy. The latter must remain at the doors of your place of activity. But absolutely nothing prevents you from being friendly, dynamic, motivating, pleasant with your colleagues and / or employees. Professional links are very important for creating cohesion, a group that tends towards common goals. This is just as true with your colleagues as with your competitors, if you have any. The bitterness and the narrow mind will not help you. You have to know how to share things. And understand that every individual has something to bring you. This is how you will improve your personal conditions. And can finally have a good quality of life at work.

Can we have a good quality of life without money?

Too much media spread the idea that to be happy, you need money. A lot of money. I'm not hiding from you, of course, money helps. But it's just a vector. A stream. And success is something else. If from all my interventions you had to remember only one thing, I would like it to be this: the quality of your life depends on the quality of your emotions. It's very, very important.

Have a good quality of life without money: it all depends on your mindset

It is often said that a very rich person is not happy. These are things that are true when we meet certain people, yet considered as "the great of this world". At the end of his life, the only thing that matters is the emotional aspect. That's what we shared with others. That's what we gave. What we received. And obviously, this is not material. So ask yourself: whatever your financial situation, are not you more peaceful when you are surrounded by loving, dynamic people and you are in the desire to achieve, in stimulation? No need for money to have dreams and people to share with them!

Money does not replace the strength of your heart

A good quality of life is defined primarily by the feelings that flow in your veins on a daily basis. An embittered person, regardless of his income level, will have a hard time seeing things from the perspective of positivism. And will always be based on lack. You understand it, it is the gratitude that you express towards your environment, your creator who will make the difference. Because by approaching each day from the angle of curiosity, the desire to learn, discover and seize the opportunities available to you, you will quickly see that the financial aspect is only secondary. The whole world sometimes seems to be mistaken in focusing only on the consumable. The important thing is to be a caring, positive person, whether you put on a branded suit or a t-shirt with holes in your shoulders. Those are your values, your beliefs and your feelings who make the quality of your life. Nothing else !

Treat your diet for a good quality of life: when do you start?

Personal development is booming. And I must congratulate myself. You, me, the rest of our environment. Nowadays, the desire to improve one's existence, but also that of others, becomes a real issue. The only "black spot" is the classification of priorities that surround this desire to acquire better living conditions. We often talk about money. Self-confidence. Of personal esteem. And less often of health. Well-being … or food. And yet, the links between the way of feeding and its quality of life are well established.

Treat your diet for a good quality of life: where to start?

As you know, I live in the country of excess food. From the "gastronomic" excessiveness. And although one can appreciate a rich culture and find healthy foods, one must admit that sugar and fat are hiding everywhere. It's something you have to fight. And it starts with a serious rigor. Try to limit visits to fast food whenever possible. And not to buy prepared meals. These are factors of poisoning of your body. Just say that ease only rarely rhymes with well-being and self-fulfillment.

Learn what "good" means

I am not a great chef. But when we really try to improve all areas of our lives, we realize that there is room for evolution everywhere around us. I learned to cook. To choose ingredients according to their benefits, their contributions and their taste. When we look at his diet, we give ourselves the opportunity to make discoveries. Before buying anything, you should read the compositions. Be interested in the effects of each of the dyes, chemical components that you eat. And soon, I can assure you that you will turn to organic, ecological. You will discover flavors, qualities that you did not know yourself. And above all, above all, you will see the difference in your body. You will understand the dangerousness of what you have eaten so far. And you will see that yes, food is a very important parameter for your personal development!

Quality of life and well-being: terms that are too often dissociated

In my mind, these two terms are virtually synonyms. In any case, these two values ​​must go together. Well-being, we often feel that it is an accessory. One side. Something we are dealing with once we have accumulated enough wealth. To know. Skills. It is also a paradox quite "amusing". In a world where everyone for himself is predominant … we forget to take time to truly cultivate his serenity. To feel good, simply.

What is well-being for you?

That's probably the question. I think the two terms are superimposed, to the point of forgetting a fundamental difference. The quality of life is too often equated with something we get through the financial power. We think big car. Big house. But not walking in the forest. Relaxation. Relaxation. Moments with the family. Well-being does not require special wealth. And should be among your priorities. Ask yourself: do you allow yourself time (which in the process is the true wealth of man) to enjoy life? To be with the people who matter? To have a good time? To focus on your body, your health?

Quality of life and well-being: a philosophy that benefits the greatest number

When you take care of yourself, you give yourself the opportunity to be at your best. Not having to focus on your potential gaps. A failure related to any negligence. This allows you to create more value. To be more effective. In your work, in helping others, in everything you do. The quality of life is not just the environment you make yourself. It is also the appeasement, the connection with oneself that follows from it. And that is priceless. The happy people, the successful people are the ones who manage to balance things out. Who agree time. Because they understand that the balance between constraints and privacy is the one that governs their state of mind. What about you?

Have a good quality of life without money: is it possible?

There was talk recently about the possibility of making a living without money. You will not be surprised if I start this new article by saying that it is obviously just as possible to have a good quality of life without money. Nobody needs luxury to ensure serenity. To be happy. Even if those who bathe in it sometimes seem to forget it and to deviate from the values ​​that make man. The quality of your life depends on the quality of your emotions. From your reflections. Of your decisions. And their relevance has absolutely nothing to do with your income or socio-professional category. But then the question remains unresolved … how to have a good quality of life without money?

The hygiene of life depends on your rigor, not the size of your bank account

Not often enough put forward, the hygiene of life yet is an important component of the individual's existence. For example, you are able to go running, adjust your sleep cycles, meditate and take care of your body or your living space even with a minimal income. The fact of reserving part of one's focus for one's own personal development maintains the trust and esteem one accords with. And again, solutions exist for all budgets. Having a good quality of life depends above all on a desire for involvement.

Your attitude is free … but pays to have a good quality of life!

Your relationship with others, the emotions you share, that you express, the willingness to seize the opportunities that come your way … factors that can make you happy, change your life and improve its quality without paying a dime, you can stimulate every day. But instead, many are hiding behind excuses. Pretexts for inaction. Do you want to be happier? It's your openness, your tolerance, your will to move forward that will change your life … and the money will follow, of itself. It is a logical consequence of the move to action. Do not forget it !

Sport and quality of life: a link much stronger than it seems

If the financial field and the relational domain seem to hide a lot of things in the life of the individual, well-being should not be considered as a simple side. A charismatic and fulfilled man is a man who take care of him. Who can afford time? Who does exercise. Sport and quality of life are intimately linked. In many ways. By the bodily benefits on the one hand, but also by the state of mind of the sportsman, which is similar to the one that you have to develop in the face of the difficulty, facing the storm. So yes, if you want my opinion, you should put yourself into physical activity. Not to follow the cult of the body. But to feel better. Develop a certain pride and regenerate the cells of your carnal envelope.

Sport and quality of life: do not focus on the forbidding

Life smiles to those who decide to look at it from the perspective of experience, happiness, the joy of doing something and testing their potential on the ground. Considering sport as something beneficial, as a resource rather than a constraintyou will find pleasure. My advice, for all those who are not great athletes, it is obviously to start smoothly, but also to find partners. People who care about their health, their well-being. Many people are more easily aware, confident and multiply their motivation.

Sport and quality of life: what counts is the setting in action

As I said, no need to overdo it either. To fall into the cult and obsession with detail. Coming to count the least calorie, to no longer allow you anything … we would fall into the opposite effect. But if you want to improve your quality of life, the physical effort will allow you to feel better. To release endorphins, to remain conscious of your physical, respiratory capacities. To have time to meditate. To think of you. To escape from reality and reconnect with concrete goals, materials. Sport is a very good way to maintain your will and a rigor that you will also need in all other areas of your life, if you expect to find success. So yes, sport and quality of life are definitely going hand in hand!

How to reconcile quality of life and health?

If you look closely around you, you will see that Men often run after factors that have a very relative significance in the long run. Money, glory, recognition … all that is worthless. Nothing compared to your health. Because believe me, it is at the moment when you realize that you can not enjoy your riches anymore that you find yourself in a position where you would give everything to be able to walk, run, breathe like a normal person again . You may have trouble conceiving it, but any multimillionaire who is announced that his life will soon stop, while he is still "young" would change his life with yoursif it gave him more time with his family.

What are your priorities?

The theme of quality of life, we often talk about it. Because in reality your existence is conditioned by your emotions. Your report to yourself. To your environment. If you kill yourself, you end up Exclude you from a world you are trying to build. To reconcile quality of life and health, you must understand that well-being is an integral part of your personal development. And that taking care of yourself and procrastinating are two completely different things. Your quality of life is also based on satisfaction factors and your ability to give yourself time. Because at the end of your life, you will not take stock of your bank account … but your experiences.

Quality of life and health go hand in hand

It is vital to internalize the fact that your health is the greatest wealth you have. Because when it deteriorates, nothing in your life makes sense. By digging a little the question, you will also perceive that health concerns several areas. Of which 2 must-sees: the physical and psychological aspect. What it means ? It is that the attention that you grant yourself, the moments of relaxation to the sharing with your relatives while passing by the practice of the sport or the hygiene of life that you meet are absolute priorities. Check regularly with the doctor. Do not ostrich. Assume the reality of your body and allow yourself to react right away if you learn that your health is in question. Never forget that a man is nothing without his ability to perform the most basic actions of his daily life.

Quality of life and illness: can we be happy if we are lessened?

The subject is obviously sensitive, but that should not prevent us from addressing it. The disease, or even the handicap, are often perceived as obstacles to happiness, and even almost to the possibility of "living". Yet, and this is a belief I invite you to lean on, your mind state is at the origin of the scope of your feelings. And the quality of your life depends on the quality of your emotions. This means that quality of life and illness are articulable, if you find in you the strength and the desire, for live exactly as you understand it.

LĂ  oĂč l’on voit une montagne
 tu peux voir une chance

L’un des exemples les plus frappants du pouvoir de la volontĂ©, c’est le cas de Lance Armstrong qui aprĂšs avoir vaincu le cancer a rĂ©ussi Ă  gagner le Tour de France. Un exploit ? Yes and no. C’est surtout sa foi en lui, sa motivation sans faille et sa capacitĂ© Ă  ne pas s’arrĂȘter aux apparences et Ă  sombrer dans la victimisation qui ont fini par payer. Car lĂ  voilĂ  la vĂ©ritĂ©. Une maladie a un impact matĂ©riel sur ton corps. Mais ton esprit a la force de surmonter cela. On a vu des cas que la mĂ©decine elle-mĂȘme n’explique pas. La volontĂ© de voir un Ă©tat de « faiblesse » comme un vĂ©ritable test, comme l’opportunitĂ© de changer une vie et de se recentrer sur ce qui est vraiment important sont des clĂ©s pour bouleverser ta vision de la maladie. Et te faire comprendre que la maniĂšre dont tu te perçois est dĂ©cisive.

Empathie satisfaisante ou courage de dĂ©passer l’évidence ?

Un Ă©tat de faiblesse, momentanĂ© ou longue durĂ©e provoque toujours l’empathie. Les gens se mettent Ă  ta place et te plaignent. Veulent t’aider. Le sentiment de dĂ©part est bon. Sain. Amical. Mais il peut te pousser Ă  te complaire dans une situation dans laquelle tu ne pourras pas avancer. QualitĂ© de vie et maladie ne peuvent s’allier que si tu vois dans ton quotidien des crochets, des occasions d’aller de l’avant. De t’accorder la confiance que tu mĂ©rites. Crois en toi. PrĂ©pare-toi
 et accomplis de grandes choses !

Qu’est-ce que la qualitĂ© de vie et comment l’amĂ©liorer?

VoilĂ  une question chargĂ©e de sens. Une question aux rĂ©ponses multiples. Qui dĂ©pend de ce que tu es, de ce que tu veux.  Et pourtant, on peut rĂ©sumer la qualitĂ© de vie Ă  une phrase, une maxime que j’aime Ă  rĂ©pĂ©ter. Qui gouverne mon existence. La qualitĂ© de ta vie dĂ©pend de la qualitĂ© de tes Ă©motions. Quand tu comprends cela, quand tu appliques cela
 ta vie n’a plus la mĂȘme saveur. Tu reconnais enfin la valeur de l’instant prĂ©sent. Tu mets l’échec de cĂŽtĂ©. Tu vois les choses autrement. Par le bon bout de la lorgnette.

Ton existence tout entiÚre dépend de la vision que tu développes

Si je te demandais de rĂ©pondre instantanĂ©ment Ă  la question « qu’est-ce que la qualitĂ© de vie », tu me parlerais trĂšs certainement d’argent. De relationnel. De possessions matĂ©rielles. Et puis loin derriĂšre tout cela arriveraient les notions de santĂ© et de stabilitĂ© psychologique. Ce rĂ©flexe est conditionnĂ© par ton environnement. Nous sommes les victimes des mĂ©dias. De l’image de la rĂ©ussite. Et cette derniĂšre devient une obsession. À tel point qu’elle t’empĂȘche parfois de voir toutes les richesses, toutes les opportunitĂ©s qui sont autour de toi. Ta qualitĂ© de vie dĂ©pend des choix que tu fais, mais surtout et avant tout de ta capacitĂ© Ă  comprendre que mĂȘme les plus petits, les plus anodins d’entre eux peuvent impacter ton existence. Ne serait-ce que par la satisfaction qu’ils dĂ©gagent.

La qualité de vie est avant tout une philosophie

Tu veux renforcer ta qualitĂ© de vie ? IntĂ©resse-toi Ă  ce que tu as plutĂŽt qu’à ce qui te manque. Ne te cherche plus d’excuses. ConsidĂšre la chance que tu as d’ĂȘtre en vie et en bonne santĂ©. ChĂ©ris les amitiĂ©s et les liens familiaux qui rendent ta vie aussi riche. Regarde le positif. Vois les problĂšmes comme des challenges enrichissants plutĂŽt que comme des obstacles insurmontables. Éloigne-toi de la course au toujours plus. Ne vois pas le bonheur comme quelque chose qu’on obtient, mais comme quelque chose qui se dĂ©cide. Qui se contemple. En fait, tu n’as besoin que de quelques secondes pour comprendre ce qu’est la qualitĂ© de vie et amĂ©liorer ton sentiment de satisfaction. Feras-tu ce choix ? Oseras-tu sortir des cases dans lesquelles on nous force Ă  entrer ? Personne d’autre que toi n’a la rĂ©ponse Ă  cette question !

Comment améliorer drastiquement sa qualité de vie ?

Si tu y rĂ©flĂ©chis, tu t’apercevras que chaque individu dĂ©sire obtenir quelque chose qu’il ne possĂšde pas. C’est dans la nature humaine. Nous nous devons de rĂȘver, d’avoir des objectifs Ă©levĂ©s pour avancer. Si nous n’avions pas besoin de nous battre, de dĂ©velopper nos capacitĂ©s intellectuelles, sociales ou professionnelles pour bĂ©nĂ©ficier de ces rĂ©compenses, la vie n’aurait pas de saveur. La recherche d’une meilleure qualitĂ© de vie, c’est en fin de compte la quĂȘte du Graal. C’est ce que nous voulons tous. Et ce mĂȘme si la traduction matĂ©rielle de cet goal diffĂšre d’une personne Ă  l’autre. Pour toi, c’est peut-ĂȘtre le fait de gagner plus d’argent. D’avoir plus de responsabilitĂ©s. De trouver le partenaire idĂ©al. D’avoir plus confiance en toi
 Quelle qu’en soit la signification, cette volontĂ© d’amĂ©lioration rencontre des obstacles, qui parfois, entament ta motivation. Voire mĂȘme ta foi en ton potentiel. En ta capacitĂ© Ă  renverser la tendance. Et quand c’est le cas
 tu te tournes vers l’extĂ©rieur pour trouver des rĂ©ponses qui sont pourtant dĂ©jĂ  en toi.

L’importance du matĂ©riel et des apparences dans ton existence

Quand on essaye d’analyser son propre parcours, sa vie, sa trajectoire, on peut parfois avoir l’impression que cette derniĂšre est limitĂ©e par nos aptitudes, par qui nous sommes et par le rĂŽle que notre environnement nous attribue. Ce que cela signifie ? C’est que tu penses entrer dans une case. Et que tu refuses inconsciemment d’en sortir. Tu mets des barriĂšres Ă  ta rĂ©flexion. Tu oublies de voir ce qui se cache derriĂšre les apparences. Tu voudrais par exemple monter un business. Mais tu n’as pas les ressources financiĂšres ou matĂ©rielles nĂ©cessaires. Du moins c’est ce que tu crois. Ce dont tu te persuades. Du coup, tu ne cherches pas de partenaire. Tu ne cherches pas d’organisme de financement ou de formation pouvant t’aider. Tu ne cherches pas parmi les textes de loi si une forme juridique d’entreprise pourrait convenir au dĂ©veloppement d’une idĂ©e Ă  ton Ă©chelle. Tu restes lĂ . Tu te contentes de rĂȘver. Et tu blĂąmes les autres. Tu jalouses ceux qui rĂ©ussissent. Tu ne veux pas prendre de risques. Car dans ton esprit, tout est jouĂ© d’avance. Le cercle vicieux joue Ă  plein rĂ©gime. Et tu en viens Ă  douter du fait qu’amĂ©liorer ta qualitĂ© de vie est possible.

La chance sourit aux audacieux
 aie l’audace d’avoir de la chance !

J’ai toujours aimĂ© ce proverbe
 car il est contradictoire. Il remet en cause la notion mĂȘme de chance. Dans sa dimension attentiste. Non, personne ne viendra frapper Ă  ta porte pour te proposer le job de tes rĂȘves ou de te verser jusqu’à la fin de ta vie, une pension de plusieurs millions d’euros. Si tu veux amĂ©liorer ta qualitĂ© de vie, tu vas devoir stimuler l’apparition d’opportunitĂ©s. Et cela se passe toujours sur le terrain. Alors oui, c’est vrai que si tu dĂ©missionnes et que tu lances ta boĂźte aujourd’hui, tu prends un risque. Mais tu t’offres aussi tout un panel de chances incroyables. Tu vas Ă©largir ton champ d’expertise, amĂ©liorer tes compĂ©tences, faire des rencontres, prendre la mesure d’une toute nouvelle rĂ©alitĂ©. Que ton business fonctionne ou pas, tu vas t’enrichir. Pas forcĂ©ment matĂ©riellement. Mais tu vas nourrir ton Ăąme. Ton esprit. Et tu vas apprendre. À devenir plus fort. À ne plus faire les mĂȘmes erreurs. Et tout au long du chemin, tu auras l’espace et le temps de faire des choix. Se mettre en action, ce n’est pas jouer sa vie Ă  pile ou face. PlutĂŽt que de t’arrĂȘter sur la notion de risque, de peur, d’apprĂ©hension, tu devrais te focaliser sur ce que tu peux maĂźtriser. L’anticipation, l’organisation et la planification sont des aides prĂ©cieuses au moment de vouloir amĂ©liorer sa qualitĂ© de vie
 mais le problĂšme reste qu’on oublie souvent de les considĂ©rer. Tu veux amĂ©liorer ta vie ? Organise ce changement ! Fais-en une rĂ©alitĂ© au lieu d’en rester au stade du doute. Seuls ceux qui passent Ă  l’acte obtiennent des rĂ©sultats. Écoute tes tripes, ton instinct. Il est temps de sortir de ta coquille et d’affronter le monde. Car rien n’est jamais offert. Tu dois te battre pour amĂ©liorer ta qualitĂ© de vie.

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