How to gain more charisma in your professional life?

The world of work is made of relationships that are built around common goals, shared by all colleagues in the same company: that of making money, of course, but also of responding to what is called in the human resource language to its job definition.

This logic is true whether you are salaried or independent. And this implies a willingness to enter into a team logic, to have cordial relations and demonstrate a certain know-how.

If you want to know how to gain more charisma in your professional life, it is at the level of these values ​​that you must therefore get involved. And here's how.

A charismatic worker is a hardworking worker

You certainly have positive experiences of some exchanges that you have conducted with professionals, as a client.

In a restaurant, in front of a service provider, in a store … It's inevitably happened at the end of an interaction of this type to tell you "this person is great, she brought me exactly what I wanted ".

If you are more interested in the behavior of this individual, you will see that it is always the same profile of people who is able to cause such reactions. These are people who are listening. Open. Smiling. Dynamic. And who personalize their dialogue according to their interlocutor.

Charismatic workers use active listening. Do not stay on a marked path. They adapt. Are always in respect.

To listen, you must put a barrier between your personal judgments, your private concerns and your relationship to others in the world of work. You must embrace your role, your function, and see it as a way to learn and achieve your goals.

Competence is the determining factor

To gain more charisma in your professional life, you obviously need master your field of activity. You must develop real expertise. It's hard to feel confident and relaxed if you do not know what you're talking about.

It's up to you, then, to train yourself, to be curious, to always do more personally to improve your skills. And to have that desire, it's clear that you have to see your work as something exciting and rewarding.

Passionate people are always more competent. Because with each contact, they want to share the flame that lives in them. Your emotions are translated by your nonverbal communication. You owe it to yourself to be honest with yourself. To find a position (or to create it) that corresponds to your values, precisely to avoid a permanent emotional conflict.

Charisma, before being a strategy, is a certain objectivity. It is the desire to focus on one's personal development. To accomplish specific objectives, but always in the respect of others.

It is therefore necessary to strengthen your social skills at work to really interest you in what you do, dare to give your opinion, listen to that of others and finally impose yourself as a force proposal.

And it's a lot easier if you live in an area that really suits you!

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