How to find topics of conversation

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Do you have difficulty starting or holding a discussion?

Today, I will give you tips to always find conversation topics :

1) The classic conversations

Start by talking about trivial things, see very classic. The purpose of this exchange is to break the ice and allow the person in front of you to bounce on something more interesting.

On top of that, if you do not know who you're talking to and what you're interested in, it's better to start talking about a classic topic. Here are some very simple topics to put in a conversation that will allow you to find a topic of conversation:

Weather : Certainly THE most banal subject … It remains however very effective and allows to quickly start a discussion.

News: To discuss a little deeper topic, start by talking about a news item. You will find ideas in newspapers (even free) to then start conversations, see debates.

Politics : Attention, here is the subject the most "breakaways". Avoid talking about it if you are not comfortable with the subject and especially do not give your political preference. For example, talk about the popularity of a famous person in this field, a reform …

The movie theater : Here is another subject that pleases a lot. The movie theater ! Talk about movies, a series, a recent movie on TV, or just one of your favorite movies. Normally, your interlocutor should bounce back and talk to you about the movies he likes.

The sport : A safe bet, especially in a conversation between men, with football, rugby, tennis or cycling in mind.

There are of course other possible topics. But these have already proven themselves and should interest most people. By cons, try to quickly chained on something more personal.

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2) To be cultivated

In a discussion, various topics are discussed. It's impossible to know in advance where your dialogue will drift. It is therefore important to be cultivated. This is the only way to be sure to stay active during a conversation!
It is impossible to know everything, or even to be comfortable in all areas. On the other hand, you can have an opinion on everything, and explain on what your opinion is based. Again, the goal is not to argue for the purpose of convincing the person in front of you, so you do not have to control each subject on your fingertips … You just need to be able to explain (with valid and thoughtful reasons) why do you think such thing on such subject. A good general culture is enough!

Take again the points of our first paragraph on the great classics of the conversation, in order to master the main lines … You are not a fan of football? This is the most popular sport, at least try to know the ranking of your regional team. Ideally, try to follow quality specialty sites or subscribe to magazines. Do not just watch the news at night, even if it's still a good base.
If the conversation drifts on an area that you do not control, do not hesitate to say that this topic interests you even if you do not know anything about it. You will only have to ask a few questions on the subject and let talk, then bounce on the answers of your interlocutor.

3) Talking about you during your discussions

After, everything … It's a subject you master perfectly, right? Feel free to talk about your opinions, your emotions, feelings, your ideas … or even your life!

Try to bounce on a topic by using for example "I think that …" "In my opinion …". Highlight your ideas, participate in the debates … Be careful not to monopolize the speech by talking about your little person, talking about yourself is a good thing but you must know how to do it sparingly … There is nothing more boring that someone who chained the "Me I", "I did that" etc.


4) Understanding your interlocutors

It is important to observe the people you are chatting with to try to understand what topics are likely to interest them. Start by looking at things that are easily identifiable, such as the age and gender of your contacts. A predominantly male group is more likely to enjoy sport than a female group. Then try to watch if they work in the same field, see in the same company. Again, you can easily find topics that can be covered.

With these tips, you should be better able to chat with a person or group of people. However, these tips will not help you become comfortable overnight. These are keys to follow, they will require a little practice, but you will normally see progress in your discussions.

Feel free to comment to give us your advice, I will publish the article based on your answers!

Article updated on 03/03/2017

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