How to find happiness in oneself?

Who does not dream of happiness? But since happiness is not an exact science, everyone looks for it at every stage of his life. So to be happy, one must start by finding happiness in oneself. In other words, happiness has to be considered as a personal matter. Everyone is the main actor of his own happiness, before he can feel happy in his environment.

Happiness: a state of mind

Although the notion of happiness differs from one individual to another, all must understand that the inner serenity begins with the state of mind. Having a lead mind and being optimistic are actually the main ingredients of inner happiness. The reality is such that your mood of the moment produces a wave of emotions. So between daily stress, unexpected setbacks and blues, make sure to always keep your head up. Life in pink does not exist only in fairy tales, so it's up to you to make every effort to make your life as pleasant as possible. To experience it inwardly, keep in mind all those things that are for you sources of pleasure, such as a passion, a childhood dream … Find a reason to smile everyday life always favoring pleasant situations.

Rely on instinct

On the other hand, it also turns out that people who think the least are more likely to be happy. Concretely, happiness is first of all knowing how to simplify one's life. So when faced with choices, follow your primary instincts that ultimately dictate what you really need. Starting to ask yourself a ton of questions about the different possible options will simply create a feeling of doubt in you. It is this hesitation that ultimately does not allow you to know the feeling of satisfaction, whatever decision you have made. In other words, hivitate as much as possible all the situations in which you are inclined to think that you may have made a mistake by choosing one option over another.

Attitudes that make you happy

Inner happiness is also knowing how to adapt the attitudes that make you happy simply. To live happily:

  • Have faith in yourself and put all the chances on your side to carry out all that you must undertake
  • Be less demanding with yourself and enjoy as much as possible the simple pleasures that life offers you
  • Be optimistic and focus instead on all the opportunities that can be offered to you instead of fixing on the obstacles you will face
  • Trust others by not thinking about these hidden motives and keep in mind that you can not control others
  • Know how to let go so you can objectively accept anything that can happen in your life

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