How do you find your true role in life?

How to find its role in life?

Only those who take their place in universal dance have access to earthly paradise.
Finding your role is one of the first steps to take. For that you have to go through an equally fundamental preliminary phase where you have to look for it.

So what would your real thing be role in life ?
To find your true role on Earth, you basically have nothing to do, but doing nothing is one of the most difficult things to do.
Of all living things, only humans with their powerful intellect question their raison d'être, weird right?

In a way this questioning is wonderful, of course, because it leads us to questions like “Who am I?”, “What am I doing here?”, On the other hand it deprives us of direct contact with the rest of ourselves, that is, with the rest of nature of which we are part.

In short, the more we think, the less we taste. The more we think, the less we live. By dint of overloading his intellect, bombarding him with advertisements, endless reflections, cinema, star academy, we die slowly. It is high time to reconnect with life.

If your real role does not come spontaneously, it is because you are blocked inside. Sorry for the crude language, but when you drop the masks, you tell yourself the real deal. When I say stuffy, I'm not just talking about your physical body, I'm also talking about your mental or astral body and your causal body.

Whether you believe it or not, you have three bodies and you experience them every day as old and asleep:
– The physical body is the seat of sensations, the universe of objects.
– The mental body is that of the emotions, the intellect and the will, the universe of energy.
– The causal body is the body of the actor, the universe of the witness.

When you eat an apple, there are three things:
– The actor who eats is the causal body.
– The act of eating is the mental body.
– The apple is the physical body.

The whole science of yoga, the word meaning “union”, consists in uniting these three bodies into one, to reach the fourth state called “awake”.
So I'm not talking about a simple little dusting here, but about the big cleaning, the cleaning of the three bodies. The truth will come to light only when you have purged yourself of all the physical, psychic and spiritual waste that you have accumulated during this life and in the previous ones.

To cleanse the physical body, I recommend the Asanas, yoga postures, fasting, massages, water, bathing in a river and so-called high frequency food.

Four criteria distinguish high frequency food from other types of food:
– The color and its intensity.
– The time of consumption in relation to that of the animal's picking or death.
– Its natural frequency and its link with the 6 tastes, the game of spices has its influence here.
– The state of mind of the person who prepared the food.

For example, a fresh, brightly colored fruit that has just been picked has a higher frequency than any other canning 6 months ago.
The sooner food is eaten after it is picked, or in other words after it dies, the higher the frequency.

To cleanse the mental body, the science of breathing or Pranayama, practiced with attention, can do real wonders. It is also here that the practice of truth comes into play, especially the truth towards oneself, one's conscience and one's heart.

Finally to cleanse the causal body, the Mantras, these strange combinations of sounds often associated with divine names, have quite spectacular effects.

So you’ll have to make decisions for something to happen in your life. If you want cooked at all, you are not knocking on the right door.
Action / reaction necessarily begins with a form of voluntary action.

Another point on this famous household, you must be patient. When you choose to change your life, you will first go through a period that will seem worse to you. You will have to tolerate the disorder and often go through even more painful states than the one you are trying to change. But just for a while.

What do you think?

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