Hospital e Maternidade Brasil prepared a special surprise for a patient who could not attend her son's wedding

Since 2018, Hospital e Maternidade Brasil has joined the campaign “What matters to you?”, Which promotes empathy in patient-centered care. The idea is for the health professional to put himself in the other's place, talk more with patients and their families and understand what is most important for the person who is hospitalized. It was this culture that made a team nurse take to the hospital's management an unprecedented suggestion: what if we had a wedding inside the hospital?

This request came about because patient José Luiz Francesconi, 55, transplanted in the last year, is hospitalized for treatment and was very upset because he could not participate in his son's wedding. The Hospital team talked to the family to make the surprise ceremony possible for the patient inside the unit and take the wedding to him, so that the patient could participate in such an important moment for everyone. The idea worked and the union of the newlyweds Vinicius Belisário Francesconi and Ana Caroline Soares took place last Saturday (July 6), with the presence of several hospital professionals, family members and especially the special guest, the groom's father.

The action was mobilized by the employees and all the preparations were made by the Hospital team, which managed partners for decoration with flowers, bouquet, violinist and even happily married. At Hospital Brasil, the campaign action, which takes place at least once a month, includes all hospitalized patients, including those in the ICU, but this will be the first time that the team has been involved in making such a special request that it is a wedding.

“Mr. José is a patient with compromised immunity because of his treatment and that would prevent him from attending an outside wedding and making contact with many people. So, understanding the importance of this special desire, we mobilized the team and made this beautiful action possible, because here at the Hospital he has all the clinical conditions that enabled his participation in this unforgettable moment without compromising his health ”, says César Torres, medical director of Hospital e Maternidade Brasil. These actions have been highly valued by Rede D’Or São Luiz, as they contribute to creating bonds of trust between professionals and patients, improving medical care and helping to cope with the clinical condition

The movement “What does it matter to you?” started in the United States when, in 2010, Maureen Bisognano, CEO of the Healthcare Improvement Institute, challenged healthcare professionals to talk more with their patients and families, acquiring a more empathic link and questioning the sick about what mattered most to them at that time

About Hospital e Maternidade Brasil
Acquired by Rede D’Or since 2010, Hospital e Maternidade Brasil is a reference in hospital care with high quality standards in Santo André and region. Currently, it has 350 beds, 17 operating rooms, a complete Medical Center, diagnostics and emergency care for adults and children. In addition, there is the Maternidade Brasil which has 44 beds distributed on a single floor, from the central nursery to the Neonatal ICU. With services offered since admission, the Maternity Hospital offers the most modern care for the health of the mother and baby.

About the D’Or São Luiz Network
Founded in 1977, in Rio de Janeiro, Rede D’Or São Luiz is the largest private hospital chain in Brazil with a presence in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Federal District, Pernambuco, Maranhão and Bahia. The group operates with 39 hospitals, of which 38 are owned and one is under management. It has 6,000 operational beds and 6,600 total beds, and plans to reach 8,100 beds in 5 years. There are, in total, 44.1 thousand employees and 87 thousand accredited physicians, who provide about 3.69 million emergency services, 220.5 thousand surgeries, 32.3 thousand births and 477 thousand hospitalizations per year, in addition to 4 thousand robotic surgeries in three years from the beginning of this new service. Rede D’Or São Luiz also counts on Oncology D’Or and Onco Star, a network of clinics specializing in cancer treatment in seven Brazilian states.


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