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Larousse defines gratitude as recognition for a service, for a benefit received; the affectionate feeling towards a benefactor. There is therefore an action (act done, service rendered) and a reaction (gratitude, gratitude). Whoever has never appreciated a gesture of recognition raises the finger! Thus, as much as it is possible to enjoy benefiting from a service, a hand extended, as much as the one who gives can appreciate a manifestation of gratitude, as small as it is.

It may seem difficult, especially to the pessimists, to express gratitude. For the partisans of half-empty glass, the grumpy and the grumpy, know that there is reason to be grateful. And gratitude, that's good! It allows in particular:

Overcoming Negativism

Instead of rejoicing, appreciating what is happening in life, and in others, many people criticize, take for granted, or belittle. And yet, we all have benefits that happen in our lives! No matter where you are, what you do or do not do, what you have or want, there are always things you can be grateful for. Even in our increasingly stressful, demanding and consumerist societies, practicing gratitude remains possible. It is even a necessity to improve one's well-being and interactions with others. All that is needed is to see the glass half full, to cultivate positive thinking, positive psychology and optimism. In short everything that rhymes with positive. In short, living is simply accepting the misfortunes and pleasures involved, the good and the bad, in short, being reconciled with existence.

Positive outlook on life

According to psychologist Robert Emmons of UniersitΓ© de Californie, gratitude "helps a person to direct his attention to the happy things in his life and to divert it from what he lacks". Thus, by practicing gratitude, one is more inclined to appreciate what one has and not what one wants or who we miss. It allows the person who practices it to have a less materialistic and individualistic approach.

In addition, gratitude helps to create a virtuous circle around us. Expressing gratitude to others helps to be more appreciated. Which makes others more kind, giving us even more reason to be grateful to them, in an endless cycle. It's an endless virtuous circle.
Gratitude does not annihilate our negative emotions, but we remain focused on a positive attitude that gives us a hellish catch.

Open to the other

To practice gratitude also allows one to become self-centered, open to the world and to others. Gratitude brings us to the table of sharing, the appointment of giving and receiving. It helps to realize that we need each other to exist. It's being in the transmission. It also brings us back to a human condition that is less heroic and more humble, far from vanity. It helps to become aware of one's own weaknesses, to accept oneself as one is. In a situation of fragility, it means accepting help and being happy to receive support.

Article updated on 29/09/2016

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