flowers have the power to boost our morale!

Flowers and their effect on our morale

"The power of flowers" … a song by Laurent Voulzy, certainly, but also a scientifically recognized fact. Spread the word : flowers have the power to boost our morale. Explanations.

The flowers increase our power of seduction

The image of a man offering flowers to a woman is sometimes seen as outdated or even corny. And yet, more and more women are hoping that the man in their life will offer them a bouquet. When the opportunity arises – and especially outside of a usual event (birthday, Valentine's Day etc.) – the effect is guaranteed. Scientific experiments have also highlighted the relationship between flower vision and the behavior of the people concerned. More optimism, more attention to what surrounds them, more kind gestures towards others. Yes, the flowers really have the power to make us better ! As such, remember that there is no harm in doing good and buy yourself flowers to decorate the interior of our house or our apartment. After all, you're never better served than yourself!

To offer flowers is to offer happiness!

The soothing effect of the scent of flowers

Aromatherapy, aromacology (psychology of aromas), herbal medicine … Methods to overcome the more or less important soul sores. A study reveals that the flowers have the power to decrease the states of depression. In aromatherapy, we must go back to the Egyptians to appreciate the virtues of flowers on our general well-being. This technique is based on essential oils whose psychic action is recognized by all, even the unconditional allopathic. Lavender, for example, reduces stress, while chamomile relaxes and promotes sleep. In the offices, business leaders who understand the importance of the power of flowers even bloom and embalm the premises to ensure the well-being of their employees.

The flowers are able to purify the atmosphere of a room. Pure and moral air goes hand in hand, so they have an indirect action on the way we feel.

Simple actions to give a new start to morale

If the power of flowers on morale is well known, it is important to remember that, to benefit, simple actions are enough. A return to simplicity that goes through the purchase of a small bouquet for a wife, a husband … or even children, returning from work. More surprising, but just as simple, the delivery of flowers to the workplace of the person with whom you share your life … a small bouquet beautifully arranged in the middle of a table set for dinner without special occasion …. It's about creating astonishment and surprise and the effect on morale is guaranteed!

If, over the centuries, poets, singers, men and women have never been able to remain insensitive to the charm of flowers, the reason is there: they have an effect on our morale and on our well-being that we do not can not explain, but that we perceive deep within ourselves at the mere sight of a bouquet. When this same bouquet is intended for us, the effect is increased tenfold. To meditate !

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