Father's Day: How to decorate a mug with chalkboard effect

One of the most important dates on the Brazilian calendar, Father's Day this year will be celebrated on the 12th of August, the second Sunday of the month.

The date began to be celebrated in the early 20th century after a suggestion by Sonora Loius Dodd, a young American woman who wanted to honor her father, American Civil War veteran William Jackson Smart. After his wife's death, William raised his children alone. In Brazil, Father's Day was included in the calendar in 1953.

To celebrate the life of this fundamental figure in the family, Denise Emery, a brush technician at Condor, an educator and postgraduate in art therapy and art history, teaches how to decorate a mug with a chalkboard effect to give to dads.

“The mug is a super useful piece in everyday life. By customizing it with a message for someone so special, it becomes a unique piece. In addition, it is very easy to do and has great cost-benefit ”, comments Denise.


  • Porcelain mug
  • Foam Whisk Ref. 465/6
  • Polka Dot Kit Ref. 555
  • Crepe tape Ref.1018
  • Blackboard ink in black color.
  • Alcohol
  • Heart Stencil

Step by step

  1. Clean the porcelain mug with alcohol and then insulate the part that will not be painted with masking tape.

  1. With the foam mixer ref. 465/6 beat the slate paint evenly over the entire surface of the mug and remove the masking tape.

  1. Use the dot paint ref. 555 to finish and to do some details on the handle and the white part.

  1. Before writing with chalk, it is necessary to wait for drying for 24 hours. Take the painted piece to the kitchen oven off and let it warm up for 30 minutes at a temperature of 150º. Then turn the oven off and let the piece cool down before removing it. After this procedure, you can write with the chalkboard and erase with a damp cloth, as many times as you want.

Another suggestion

After cleaning the mug with alcohol, position the heart stencil and, using the foam whisk Ref.465 / 6 apply the slate paint. Finish with the dot paint and follow the same firing procedure to get the piece ready to be written with chalk for the blackboard.

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