Father explains to his sons what masculinity really is

Those who follow the elections in the United States are seeing a true show of machismo every time one of the candidates, Donald Trump, decides to speak up. How can a man who uses adjectives like fat, sow, disgusting, opportunistic to refer to women want to be president of a nation? It is revolting!

Sharing this same revolt, Derek Steele, an American father of a girl and two boys, outraged by the absurdities of this candidate, decided to write a future letter so that his children could read when they were older. Look:

Caleb and Ethan:

Fortunately, at this moment you are too young to be exposed or interested in political discourse. And they are too young to have Facebook accounts. But I imagine that the day will come, in the not too distant future, when you are on Facebook and we will be friends. I also imagine that sometime after that, whether out of boredom or interest, you will look at your old man's past posts to try to find some fun stories or some bit of wisdom – so I will leave this here for you.

Men don’t sometimes speak that way. Of course, some individuals with an X or Y chromosome like you can talk that way, but we don't call them Men. We call perverts, abusers, or rapists – not Men. Real men don't do that and wouldn't even think about saying that.

You will hear a lot of people telling you what men do or what it takes to β€˜be a Man’. The vast majority of this will be totally rubbish. If you want to be a Man, forget about sexism or sexual conquest. Being a man is not that. It is protecting those around you who are weak and innocent – perhaps a child being bullied or your own children.

It is being woken up at all hours of the night to warm a bottle, change a diaper, change the sheets on a wet bed or even worse. Men take it with vomit, poop, blood and crying. To be a man is to be open, vulnerable and responsible to someone. It is to admit your mistakes and failures – in all your ugliness – and seek forgiveness, over and over and over again. Real men play dress up and enjoy tea parties and make complete fools of themselves just to hear a child laughing. They cry, even cry, when the situation calls for it. They respect, honor and value women, because they are all human – created in the image of the Creator.

It is difficult to be a man. The hardest job you will ever have. So, when someone tries to justify aberrant words and behavior by tarnishing your good reputation as a man – get angry and talk. Don't let them wrongly define you for your conduct. In short – be a man.

Best regards,

Your father."

Source: Hypeness

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