Father, a tribute in the form of a poem for you

Father who in the eyes of the child is a hero
Father who in the eyes of the young man is a villain
Father who in the eyes of the adult is a friend
Father who misses the old man

When I saw you as a hero
I knew almost nothing about life
I felt safe by your side
I just wanted to be your son

When I saw you as a villain
I thought I already knew everything about life
I didn't want protection
I just wanted to be a hero

When I saw you as a friend
I was able to realize the mistakes made
That's when I really met you
That I understood the meaning of life


When I realized your lack
Age had already reached me
You were no longer a hero or a villain
Neither friend nor loneliness

You became the sum of everything that was
Of everything I thought it was
The synthesis of the life I live today
My definition of the word FATHER!

Author: Luis Alves

Source: Esoterikha

Main photo: Tresclicks

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About Father's Day:

In Brazil, Father's Day was only celebrated for the first time in 1953, in day August 16th. Contrary to what happened in the USA, this date was not thought of as a simple and local tribute, which spread afterwards, without planning. In fact, it was designed by an advertiser called Sylvio Bhering, then director of the newspaper The globe and the homonymous radio.

Bhering's goal was both social and commercial. The initial attempt was to associate the date with the Saint joaquim, father of Maria, mother of Jesus Christ, which is celebrated on August 16, in the liturgical calendar of the Catholic Church, since the Brazilian population was predominantly made up of Catholics. However, in the following years, the date was also shifted to a Sunday, the second Sunday of Augustand it remains so today. (Source

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