Discover all the self-realization potential hidden in you

It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult. (Seneca)

In this article, I hope to be able to show you how much the potential and the power to achieve you are in your hands.

I do not hear the word "power" in an esoteric or superhero sense … but rather in the sense of "possibilities" … 🙂

Discover the potential of self-realization that is hidden in you! -

Do you remember the puppet theaters of your childhood?

Little characters quarreled and played tricks for your enjoyment.

Your imagination gave life to the characters and you may not even know that adults were pulling the strings behind the stage.

Then the years passed …

Today, when you think of puppet theaters, do you sometimes feel that you have taken the place of the puppets?

Do you think about everything you do not control?

Do you feel that life is playing on you and that others are pulling the strings?

If so, change your puppet theater as soon as possible.

Because in the theater of your life, you really pull the strings!

Your destiny can be a wild beast or extremely docile.

This beast will take you anywhere if you keep it wild, or it will walk to the foot where you really want to go if you decide to tame it.

We all come to the world with a lot of luck.

We have so many personal resources, but we rarely take advantage of all these possibilities if we do not first take responsibility for our lives.

Choose the direction!

In the previous article, I spoke to you about the means you will use to get where you want.

But used alone, these means will not tell you or to go.

And the place you will walk to is probably even more important. Otherwise, you risk getting lost, literally and figuratively!

The right direction is your vision, the way you truly realize in your life.

But why do not you already live the life you dream of?

For many reasons.

First, society and its influences obscure our vision.

Our activities jostle us every day and prevent us from getting to know each other better.

We do not take the time to stop to properly direct our efforts.

Advertisers promise to be happy if we buy the products they offer. And so on.

We often look like a dog running to catch his tail.

We want to improve our lot but the means we use, such as consumption, make this quest impossible

Our fears are also a formidable obstacle to our success.

In my lectures and trainings, I liked asking participants what they would do if they could not fail.

This question helped them to measure the full extent of the fears that prevented them from moving forward.

Yet, statistically, those who succeed the most are also those who fail the most because they are the ones who try most !

The author Karen Kelly adds on this subject when she writes:

Life is full of opportunities and risks. It can be safely said that those who take risks sometimes fall, but that most of the time they can achieve greater things than those who never dare anything.1

A story of hammer and nails

In addition to our fears, our habits prevent us much from realizing ourselves.

Why ?

Simply because our old slippers are very comfortable.

It is much easier to stay in our habits and inaction than to take initiatives and make efforts to move in the direction of our dreams

And it is exactly this state that feeds frustration, dissatisfaction, demotivation and deprives our lives of meaning …

Change is deeply insecure, it's true.

But if you want to improve your life, you have to start thinking differently now.

I mentioned in the previous article that your results (your life) depend on your past actions.

If these results do not satisfy you, change your point of view.

With his unique humor, Paul Watzlawick goes much further to summarize the importance of changing the way we think:

Quote from Paul Watzlawick -

In other words, if you do not get rich with your perspective, you have few tools to improve your life and solve your problems.

Imagine trying to write or open a bottle with a hammer.

The results will be hard-hitting, but probably not appropriate!

Did you know that the average weekly people spend watching television (including internet videos) exceeds twenty-five hours?

That's more than half the time spent on a full-time job!

Imagine all you could do if you spent just a few of those hours a week making your dreams come true.

The lack of vision (and the demotivation that goes with it) is therefore a major cause for which we are not satisfied with our life.

Most people give a major importance to minor concerns.

How do you want to succeed if your activities do not build your life to achieve you?

You can also review right away the completely wrong idea that you can not improve quickly your life.

I do not want to give the impression that everything is simple, fast and effortless, like the crappy advertisers who sell the latest fashionable diet.

Realizing yourself is not a quick process in three easy steps …

What I mean is that you can start today to become a new person who finds solutions to his problems and who improves every day without getting discouraged.

If you start now, it will not take you years to get your first results.

Rarity against abundance

Do not we also realize because we simply lack ambition?

We are content with a life that is not exciting because we do not believe we can succeed.

What good is it to try?

This conception of the world is that, very restrictive, of scarcity. According to this way of thinking, there is not enough "success" for everyone.

In this way, if a person succeeds, it takes away success from others.

Do I need to say that this view of things, in addition to being false to cry, is extremely restrictive and demotivating!

Instead, you can develop a vision of abundance.

According to this way of thinking, people's ability to succeed and be realized is virtually unlimited.

Each new success, in your life or that of others, inspires new initiatives and motivates more success.

The human beings we are are extremely complex.

We need to know each other, connect with others, maintain a healthy body that helps us stay healthy and safeguard our quality of life …

Self-realization is a fundamental goal and a process all at once.

If we do not pay attention to this primary purpose, we get no results.

We work all our life, mechanically, without our actions really counting for ourselves or building anything.

But to truly realize yourself and find your vision, you must first know yourself.

Plan for many, many years when you reach the end of your life. Imagine that you are lying on your death bed and retrospective of your life. Does a smile of satisfaction appear on your face?

On the contrary, do you think of all the things you regret and would have liked to do? If there is even one thing you regret, this is the time to never change your life, and start right now!

You are officials of your life

Did you know that all the power to improve your life is in your hands, and only in your hands?

We can be lucky, society can offer good social programs, but even so, we can use all this as a lever, or do nothing …

Why do not we use this possibility then?

Perhaps because the human being has the annoying tendency to forget thathe is fundamentally responsible for his life.

It's so much easier to tell us that when things do not go the way we want, it's the fault of others or events.

Yet, our personal achievement depends only on ourselves!

Of course, some are born richer, others poorer.

Some have suffered a lot and others have suffered less.

There are fundamental inequalities in all societies that make success easier for some than for others.

But beyond that, there is something about which we all have power, our way, no matter how lucky we are, how much energy we have, how much intelligence we have.

This power is equivalent to the responsibility we can take on ourselves.

It depends on our ability to dream, to take action and to persevere when we fail.

And no one else can take this fundamental decision for us!

Take responsibility for the results we want to get

The ability to realize yourself therefore depends on your ability to take responsibility for the results you get in your life.

Whenever you blame others, apologize for doing nothing, every time you unnecessarily criticize a person or situation, you become disempowered.

Without knowing it, by doing so, you are refusing the phenomenal power you have over your existence and the future you can build.

Every time you listen to your fears, that you say that success is not for you, you are disempowering yourself.

Whenever you refuse to go beyond yourself because of lack of will, you become disempowered.

You cultivate your own weakness and let others and events have the freedom to choose for you what you get (or rather everything you do not get).

Imagine driving a car, and that car is your life.

Not taking responsibility for your life is tantamount to staying in the passenger seat.

And who drives? These are the others and the events.

Of course, you "drive" your life on many occasions.

But the goal is that you occupy always the driver's seat.

Get out of victimization

When you do not take responsibility for your life, you perceive yourself as a victim.

You remain passive and you convince yourself that you have nothing to hope for …

Instead of climbing to the top of your life, you are burying yourself deeper and deeper through inaction.

You end up feeling helpless, helpless.

Your daily life loses its appeal and the pleasure of living decreases.

With time, the depression settles with the permanent conviction of your uselessness and the lack of sense can even withdraw you the desire to be there …

To get out of this horrible trap and empower yourself, you need to identify the areas of your life that you have power over.

When you criticize others, whether against your past or against events that you can not change, you focus your precious energies on your area of ​​unnecessary concern ".

It is very easy to focus on this area, but unfortunately it only gives rise to negative emotions.

On the contrary, you have to concentrate all your efforts on your control area ".

Your control area is the one that covers all of what you can change, starting with yourself.

As I-do-not-know-who said, "When a door closes, we just have to reopen it.

That's how the doors work: they open and close! "

The problem is that we cry a long time at the foot of the door that has just closed and we fail to try to open it again.

She probably is not blocked …

In other words, we focus on the zone of unnecessary concern instead of acting from our control zone.

The more we focus on our control zone, the more we increase the power we have over our own lives and stop wasting our efforts.

In other words, stop focusing on anything you do not like.

It only keeps your feeling of revolt and helplessness.

Instead of swimming against the current, against all that does not satisfy you, use the forces of the current to direct you and move faster in the direction of your dreams!

Here are some examples that will help you understand the difference between these two fundamental "zones" of your life:

Self-empowerment (control zone)

  • Set goals
  • Nourish one's personal vision
  • To be creative
  • Learn
  • Manage conflicts

Disempowerment of self (area of ​​unnecessary concern)

  • Believe that we can not improve anything
  • Speak against others
  • Stay passive
  • To complain
  • Want others to think like us

Regain power over your existence

The goal, when you make yourself responsible, is obviously not to feel guilty for nothing.

You are not responsible for everything!

This is where I have to make an important point.

You are not responsible what you can change !

Otherwise, you feel guilty unnecessarily.

Think for a moment about your daily life.

Are you carried away by the flood of events?

Do you have enough time for yourself?

Do you feel rather forced to simply react to different situations?

The human being does not naturally tend to have a long-term vision.

It is much easier to only react to events.

The only problem is that by doing so, you do not know where you are going.

You give up the control you can have on yourself and your life.

This attitude is called "reactivity"and it prevents you from taking responsibility for your daily life.

To change things, you must adopt another attitude, that of "proactivity".

Proactivity allows you to regain control.

Through a long-term vision and initiatives, it takes you away from events and assures you that you are moving in the right direction.

Proactivity also helps you identify problems to solve constructively.

Because, as the great military strategists know, one must know his enemy well in order to be able to defeat him.

These enemies can be, for example, bad habits, pessimism or a confused definition of your goals.

Proactivity helps you to adopt the most productive ways to achieve good results while decreasing the amount of work. This attitude allows you to do more with less.

From responsiveness to proactivity -

The strength of the initiative

The principle of unlimited growth relies heavily on proactivity.

In the following articles on the subject, you will learn how to use tools to maximize proactive attitudes in your life.

But for that, you will have to take initiatives and take action.

You will also have to change certain preconceived ideas and habits …

From the moment you agree to take responsibility for your life, you increase your independence.

Your life becomes a big project.

The responsibility gives you all the power.

You become the boss who uses the resources of an exceptional person: yourself.

When you feel totally responsible for the results you get, you increase your motivation and you take better initiatives.

You improve your relationships, your strategies, your goals, your productivity.

You begin to feel deep inside that you have access to many more possibilities than you would have thought.

You develop the intimate conviction that you can succeed!

Freedom, in its most fundamental sense, lies in our ability to make choices. To achieve your goal, you must first make the decision.

And a good decision is normally followed by action and results.

So when you take responsibility for your life and your results, you give yourself the opportunity to make the most of your incredible potential.

Boost your personal capital

Why should you focus so much on your initiatives?

Quite simply, because you are the source of all the successes you will have in your life.

And it is on this potential that you must capitalize.

Let's take the example of the capital that grows when it is well invested through compound interest. $ 10,000 invested at 12% interest compounded annually will be worth nearly $ 1 million 40 years later.

Without adding a penny, $ 10,000 can be worth a million after 40 years!

Yes, but you have to invest it …

And 12% yield, if it's not common, it's not impossible.

In any case, say that it is not so difficult to obtain at least 8% of output.

But I'll talk about it again in my personal finance section.

If such a substantial increase is possible, it is thanks to the capital that increases year after year together with the added interest.

But for such results to occur, one must be patient. If you withdraw the capital, it is impossible to make it bear fruit. You lose all the benefits of this ripple effect.

You are this capital on which you can invest and which allows you to obtain exceptional results.

In other words, your life follows the path you gave it through your decisions and past actions.

If you do nothing, your life will follow the same path that you have traced to it.

But if you start today to make positive changes, even minor, you will change the trajectory a few degrees.

The next day, you may not see obvious results.

But the more time passes, the more the angle of the trajectory of your life will move away from the direction you first took it to go towards the goal you really want to achieve.

That's how actions and good decisions can make real little miracles!

An image to illustrate the principle of unlimited growth

As you can see in the picture below, line A represents the gap between the old trajectory of your life and the new trajectory.

In a short time, the difference is minimal.

As for her, line B illustrates how much the difference between the two trajectories increases as time goes by!

The result of the initiatives to be realized -

The tools of unlimited growth will allow you to take advantage of the resources you have. Because it is this capital, yourself, that you can grow indefinitely!

Moreover, the best insurance against unemployment and the best way to improve your salary and your results lies in your ability to effectively use your personal resources.

You probably underestimate your ability to produce fantastic results.

Yet, those who have made the greatest achievements dreamed of it first, then they worked to make it a reality, and they succeeded!

I am always amazed to see that every project I'm forging, which initially only exists as an idea, becomes a reality.

Your work, your vision and your perseverance allow to give body to your dreams!

Your creative potential is unlimited.

You can succeed in what you do because you have the ability to turn emptiness into something useful, big, beautiful and, why not, revolutionary!

Trust your inspiring thoughts, especially if you focus on what you want, and direct your actions through them.

Unfortunately, we are vastly underutilizing this phenomenal potential: we simply do not use it or we do not know how to use it.

In short, at best, we do not use it effectively.

In the following article, you will continue to discover what your ability to produce unlimited growth in your life is based on.

If you liked this article, know that it is from my book Unlimited growth. You can get it in ebook version to read it in full.


  1. Karen Kelly, The secret of secrecy, Editions The Day, 2007, p. 65.

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