Destination Wedding: Wedding in sunny Cancun!

Wedding in paradise? Yes please!

More and more couples dream of leaving aside traditional wedding parties, to celebrate in a completely different way, how about joining travel and marriage in a single moment?

If the answer is yes, we are halfway there. Marriage outside the country it is a novelty that is here to stay, and now we are going to talk about the new darling of the bride and groom to perform a wedding outside Brazil, Cancun.

Sun, incredible beaches, spectacular cuisine, and a rich and unique culture, with so many attractions is not the act that Cancun was chosen by Globo as location for the soap opera Salve Se Quem Puder, and breaking these first episodes of the soap opera helped to popularize the term Destination Wedding.


This one Destination Wedding (beautiful term more complicated neh?) has a lot to offer for the newlyweds on duty, there will be plenty of excursions, international cuisine and incredible beaches to enjoy while you embark on your honeymoon.

As we said above, taking advantage of the success of the soap opera of the seven Salve se Quem Puder, which begins its plot with a Cancun Wedding, we decided to explain better, exactly how and a wedding outside Brazil with emphasis on the Honeymoon in Cancun.

Destination Wedding what is it?

If marriage alone is a great emotion, taking a trip to get married is even better, Destination Wedding is when the couple decides to perform their wedding together with the honeymoon.

This is the possibility of performing a different ceremony in a paradisiacal or romantic place has become increasingly popular with the bride and groom.

Then Destination Wedding is perfect for your wedding, and it can be cheaper than you think.

Cancun wedding like Salve se Quem Puder soap opera!

Of course, a wedding in Cancun or any other international destination, needs a lot of planning, but if done correctly, you will live a true fairy tale.

Imagine yourself on a stunning beach, surrounded by white sand and a turquoise sea, having a drink and relaxing, Cancun is all that is more.

Your wedding in Cancun will surely be a celebration in one of the most romantic places in the world.

But before we get to this point, let's go back and give you some tips on how to do your honeymoon in Cancun.


When to do the Wedding in Cancun?

Cancun is a tropical city in the Mexican archipelago, and like all other islands in the Caribbean, it has some chance (however small) of being impacted during the hurricane season.

To avoid this risk, plan your wedding in Cancun during the low months like November until high season like the July vacations . Planning is important, and for us Brazilians who suffer from the dollar, the sooner you book the trip the better.

Choosing the right hotel

For a wedding in Cancun, couples find several options of hotels with different types of accommodation and almost always hotels with an all inclusive regime, and it is easy to get confused, about which is the best.

Our recommendation is to take a traditional chain hotel, like Hard Rock Cancun, other top-of-the-range resorts in Cancun like Paradisus Cancun and Le Blanc, are also worth every penny of your investment, don't worry about the ceremony, let's talk about it.

How is the wedding ceremony in Cancun?

Cancún hotels offer ceremony for your Destination Wedding, from 300 dollars in big hotels like the ones mentioned above, we are already talking about a foot-in-the-sand ceremony, there are two like every romantic movie ending.

This value for your wedding outside of Brazil for two, already includes the service of a ceremonialist in the hotels, which offer decoration options that can be modified to the couple's taste, within, of course, a limit; the couple can hire flowers, furniture and a dance floor of their taste, even the judge of peace and, if necessary, witnesses for the wedding.

Of course, this value covers the basics of a ceremony and will vary a lot according to the season, for the “yes!” Moment, it is also possible to dream of gathering family and friends, in which case the value naturally increases.

A great recommendation and hire a travel agency that specializes in honeymoon packages, so it becomes “easier and cheaper” to close this trip

As you read above, marriage outside of Brazil is usually cheaper than ceremonies and parties in many nationals. Compare and check!

What to visit on your Honeymoon in Cancun

Everything worked out. Have you ever realized your dream of getting married in a magical place, and now you need to enjoy your days in Cancun to the fullest, how about starting at the highest point and swimming with dolphins in Cancun?

Well the Interactive Aquarium allows you to mix with friendly fish.

Visit Chichen Itza – When you are in Cancun, do not miss the opportunity to visit one of the newest Seven Wonders of the World. The huge step pyramid is the largest archeological city of the pre-Columbian Mayan civilization on the Yucatan Peninsula.

Maya Museum of Cancún – take a tour of the Mayan museum in Cancun and observe the amazing artifacts of ancient civilizations. From art to archeology, there are more than 400 pieces on display.

Most importantly, the couple share the same passion to travel!

The wedding market lives on trends. And without a doubt, Destination Wedding is one of the incredible ones of recent years.

The wedding outside of Brazil is more than a simple wedding ceremony, the celebration extends for days.

Get out of the rut when choosing your Destination Wedding, learn more about this fashion that has returned to the spotlight, and be dazzled by the person you love in an incredible setting.


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