Definition of positive thinking?

Positive thinking

For someone resolutely optimistic like me, it is a pleasure to write about positive thinking. Life is not rosy every day, every month or even some years. Some people have unspeakable desert crossings, live terrible moments. But, what keeps these people willy-nilly and keep going? The answer, in my opinion, is a good, if not sacred, dose of optimism and positive attitude. Yes positive thinking is good.

What is positive thinking?

More than a concept, positive thinking is a philosophy of life. Faced with an obstacle, a problem, a drama or other, positive thinking gives the tools and the ability to appreciate the situation from the angle that will give us the motivation to progress. Without obscuring the negative side or the pain that this situation can cause.
For example, in a couple, if you focus on what is going well instead of focusing on what is wrong, this is equivalent to generating a certain harmony within the couple.

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The influence of positive thinking in life

Life is what it is, time is what it is, etc … Whether it's gray or rainy, the sun is shining, what is the point of seeing things in dark? In the same way, why see the glass half empty when it is at the same time half full? Seeing it half full does not mean lying to yourself or ostrich. In any case, you have to face what is happening, but nothing prevents you from looking at the world or the situation from a more favorable angle.

Positive thinking allows you to feel good, to be reconciled with others and the world. It can be a source of confidence and consistency. Positive thinking and certain practices around it free us from our tensions, frustrations and constraints. The positive waves we emit also attract others to us.

Successful author Rhonda Byrne * believes that each of us can have, do or be what we want thanks to the law of attraction and positive thinking. The thought of this magnetic little thing sends a frequency to the universe. This frequency will come back to us, imprinted with its initial positive or negative connotation.

How to be part of a positive dynamic?

To be in a positive dynamic, each individual has a rich potential that he must learn to use and develop. There are known or secret triggers in us. They allow you to change the negative frequency you are on and to focus on the positive. These are pleasant memories, favorite music, etc.

We should also tackle the trend of self-worth, anxiety and pessimism. Because it is not obvious to everyone, it is sometimes necessary to train methodically to perceive the future with confidence and to creatively visualize the expected results.

Notwithstanding the debates and criticisms around positive thinking, whether you believe it or not, it's worth a try. In any case, it cannot harm us.

* The secret, by Rhonda Byrne, Ed. A different world

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