definition of fear of losing and fear of failure

The fear of failure and the fear of losing

Kakorrhaphiophobia is the scientific term given to the fear of failure. This fear haunts us in all spheres of our daily life, both personally and professionally.

Present in us since our earliest childhood, at school or at home. We all have memories in which the fear of losing has paralyzed us …

This fear of losing conditions our attitudes that we freeze almost involuntarily, so as not to change anything and to be able to control everything, plan everything, know everything in advance. The change is scary: it gives way to the unknown … And when it comes time to lose something (maybe), our stress takes over and annihilates us.

An irrational or justified fear?

The question to be asked here is to know if we have reason to be afraid of losing and above all, to know if this fear will protect us against the eventual loss. The answer is no ! Our fear will not stop us from losing a tournament, breaking our relationship, losing our job. Whether it's everyday worries or more personal things like emotions or health for example, the fear of losing does not protect us against loss or failure.

On the contrary, the fear of failure increases our anxiety and leaves us in a state of semi-permanent stress: it therefore spoils the present and does not allow us to live it fully. It goes so far as to disturb our sleep and causes undesirable behaviors based on irrationality and scenarios that we can not control 100%.

The fear of losing is undeniably linked to the fear of dying. It is proof that we do not trust our vital functions, our resources and Life in general enough. By accepting our fears, by welcoming them, we can change their impact on us by using benevolence. Let's trust life and all the things that teach us how to love ourselves better.

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