Create events to build a bond within your team

Business weave links by talking

Boost the involvement of everyone, foster team spirit is the daily lot of any manager. But how to breathe that touch of pep that is missing in the team? How to set up simple and effective actions? What actions will bring to the team this touch of originality, creativity in their daily lives? By small touches well brought, it is possible to spice up the life of his team. Here are some ideas to spice up the ordinary, to weld the group.

1- Strengthen human links

Take your staff out of the routine.

During a seminar, have a good time with your team. Do the sales and take yourself all for Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman like Gilles Castello (head of trade marketing snacks and breakfasts at Ferrero France) and his team: "we tried clothes, each gave his opinion, with a lot of laughs at each cabin exit. Half a day was enough to share pleasure and strong emotions. This moment is now part of the team's story. "

Or, discover the hidden talents of your employees. Like BearingPoint, where the hidden talent of a passionate photo contributor created the event. For one night, the locals turned into an art gallery. Then everyone with a camera went to the streets and streets of Paris. Around a drink, everyone was able to share, share a sweet moment while watching the pictures taken.

Plan an event that will help to weld the team, to bring down the masks, to distill a connivance between colleagues, to (re) discover each other. Go to a congress in Spain, opt for a sports seminar, organize a team building evening, organize a via ferrata, share a picnic in the forest, celebrate the success of a file by sharing a gourmet meal in a car dealership , organize a seminar in a yurt, go up a gourmet Christmas market with local produce, suffer with a chef, close your eyes and eat in a restaurant in black … the possibilities are endless and unusual.

Keep in mind that you need to instill momentum, desire, dream, rhythm, emotion. An atypical operation will enhance human capital and develop performance.

2 -To call an event facilitator

As a Director, Manager, Executive Assistant in charge of communication, events, marketing or customer relations, you want to create THE EVENT, rely on our expertise as an event specialist.

The realization of events "corporate evening", "group outing or colleagues", "team building" is a fabulous development tool, a lever for mobilizing human capital and strengthening the image of your company. We are convinced of this and are at your side to ensure and guarantee you a quality event, without wasting time on details and logistics.

Become the guest of your party. Discover our offers, make your choice of turnkey event among our themes, our packages without any surprises; our prices are displayed.

Brighten up your evening, take away this protocolary side by letting you advise our event manager. In his hands, your animation will be friendly, participative, festive … so hype. Create the buzz by choosing an escape game to the image of Laurent and his colleagues at the heart "we go from surprise to surprise (…) it's a bit like a giant Cluedo game".

Soak up, be amazed by our unusual and unusual outings. Trust us as 97% of our satisfied customers.

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