Control your emotions well: our tips and tricks

To control your emotions

We will simplify things by saying that emotion is a psychological and behavioral reaction related to at least one factor outside or inside the person. We can either undergo our emotions or control them so as not to damage our self-confidence.

Here are some tips that will help you for sure.

Learn to identify and recognize emotions

The first step in controlling one's emotions is learning to identify and recognize them. Several researches conducted by psychologists have identified in human beings the following main emotions: joy, fear, anger, sadness, surprise, disgust, guilt.

If, for example, your supervisor announces his desire to transfer you to another department, this announcement may cause a stomach pang and a sudden feeling of headache. These reactions would be signs of fear, especially of the unknown.

The idea here is to identify the signals that your body and mind are sending you back to different situations and to be aware of them. It is from here that you can better control and channel your emotions.

Anticipate emotions to better manage them

As soon as you know how to identify each of your emotionsAnticipating them will help you to be better prepared. For example, if you are watching a meeting between your favorite sports club and a formidable challenger, consider in advance that the team you support can win or lose.

If defeat often gives you the sensation of having a dry throat, then you know that you need to have a bottle of water near you. It is important here to identify his emotions and prepare in advance to better control and channel them.

Adopt a Zen attitude (Zen Attitude)

To have a Zen attitude is to have a neutral and balanced mental posture no matter what is happening. Imagine this … Someone utters disrespectful words against you. There is a good chance this person is expecting a counterattack from you.

But you stay calm, showing no anger, frustration or any other emotion of this kind. In most cases, this person will panic, because nothing happens. This person will either continue or stop.

This is exactly what some professionals and people who are successful in the art of solving misunderstandings with others do. Zen attitude is highly recommended for those who want to control their emotions and get the best of all times.

Whether you are dealing with stress at work, in your social relationships, or for example at leisure activities such as a game of poker online, the key is self-control, and poker as in life , it is necessary to forge a mind steel to achieve peace of mind and better manage the emotions of everyday life.

Talk to someone to manage your emotions

When you face a situation that bores you, for example fear because your business performance or your relationships in your social life is deteriorating, talk about it. During one or more exchanges you can certainly find reasons to relativize, and avoid the depression that these situations can cause.

Having an understanding ear is essential to understanding the legitimacy of our emotions, and to have a more outward-looking perspective on everyday stressful situations.

It may also be wise to get closer to specialists such as psychiatrists, acupuncturists, sophrologists, and even why not healerswho each with their own methods propose new ways to manage stress and to surpass oneself.

Talk to yourself (also called autosuggestion)

Autosuggestion is a method that has become popular thanks to the psychologist Emile Coué (1857-1926). To easily understand how to manage your emotions using autosuggestion, you have to use or create words that you repeat yourself.

For example, every time you are sad because you have a misunderstanding with someone you appreciate, if you repeatedly say "after the rain, the weather is fine," there is a good chance that your sadness turns into hope.

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