Consultation at the psychologist: frequently asked questions

Questions regarding the selection and consultation of psychologists

Deciding to undertake psychotherapy is not an easy decision. This approach raises different questions that may be difficult to answer. Below are the questions that come up most often.

What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy aims to relieve a psychological evil. This approach is for anyone wanting to bring about a change in their life. The therapist helps the person to understand and live better, to make difficult choices, to find answers to their questions, to change dysfunctional behaviors, thoughts and emotions. If you are wondering about the psychologist's choice, I recommend reading our article "How to choose your psychologist?".

What is the difference between the different professions "psy"?

The psychologist is a professional in psychology. The title of psychologist is issued to people with a Master 2 in psychology. Psychology brings together different disciplines: social psychology, cognitive psychology, clinical psychology, … The psychologist is an expert in his field, he studies, analyzes the human behavior, the personality and the interpersonal relations, and is able to identify the mental pathologies when he is specialized in psychopathology. If you want to call a professional, you for example call on Carla Desousa, psychologist in Paris in the 8th borough.

A psychotherapist does not have a diploma recognized by the state. This profession alone is not recognized. The use of the title of psychotherapist is reserved for holders of a medical degree and psychologists. The psychologist and the doctor are trained in a particular psychotherapy technique and can therefore use the title of psychotherapist.

A psychiatrist is a professional with a degree in medicine who specializes in mental health. The psychiatrist diagnoses and proposes a medical treatment adapted to the diagnosis. If he has the title of psychotherapist, he can accompany his patients as part of a psychotherapy, or call other professionals when necessary (psychologists, hypnotherapist, psychoanalyst ..). Consultations with a psychiatrist are reimbursed by social security.

What are the reasons for consultation?

There is not necessarily any reason to consult. The psychologist can help you define your request and your difficulties before starting the therapeutic process. On the other hand, certain reasons often come back: Stress intense, burn-out, depression, relational difficulties, mourning, rupture, professional failure, eating disorders, problem of assertiveness, considers of oneself, difficulties in the management of emotions, obsessions …

How is psychotherapy going?

The first step in psychotherapy involves an assessment of your difficulties, allowing the professional to determine the nature of the problem, the triggers and maintenance factors, your goals regarding psychotherapy, your expectations and your needs.

The evaluation sometimes requires several sessions, the psychotherapist can help himself with diagnostic scales that can help to establish a diagnosis if necessary.

This first evaluation can allow you to ask questions to the therapist (his training, his method of work, his theoretical orientation, his availability and his rates ..).

How long does a psychotherapy last?

The duration of a psychotherapy is variable, it depends on your problem, your personality, the therapeutic alliance, your goals, your motivation, the competence of the therapist,

Not to mention that making changes in your life requires time.

Does psychotherapy require medication?

Psychotherapy can be accompanied, depending on the situation and your problem, drug treatment. The psychologist can ask you to meet, first, a doctor, in order to have medical expertise. Only the doctor will decide to add a drug treatment to your psychotherapeutic work. Psychotherapy is not systematically accompanied by medication.

Is it necessary to have a doctor's prescription to consult a psychologist?

Starting a psychotherapy does not require a medical prescription. Nevertheless, it is advisable to talk to your doctor about your symptoms, to make sure that this is not in the medical field.

Are consultations with a psychologist reimbursable by social security?

Consultations with a psychologist or psychotherapist are not covered by social security. On the other hand, some mutuals may reimburse some or all of the therapy. It is advisable to check with your mutual to find out the terms of repayment.

What is an ADELI number?

The ADELI number certifies that the professional is an authorized clinical psychologist. This number is issued by the ARS (Regional Agency for Health).

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