What subtracts you? Who subtracts you? It's always time to stop!

Close to 40, it is natural, at least I imagine, to reevaluate the options that are available, in relation to everything: health, relationships, friends, finances, career and even what is the fashion that most reveals you in this new moment. And on this trip, I confess that it is kind of crazy, I compare it to the phase of life where the choices of this very life, reinforcement, the same, were presented to us.

Who do you want to be when you grow up?

And no matter what you say, when we answer that question, in fact countless times, everyone around us is delighted with the answer, rewards us with smiles, holds us in their laps like prizes won.

And then believe that everything is fine!

They let us believe that the Universe is at our disposal, they empower us with the thought that everything is possible. Even the entire film and cartoon industry is designed to make us believe that we can overcome death, that good always wins and that we will still marry the prince charming.

As the days, months, years and decades go by, our beautiful and perfect equation, several subtraction factors, and a pot full of certainties, expectations and dreams, suddenly appear those hooks of the toy machines that go taking us piece by piece.

These are the external voices of those around us, telling us:

It can't!

That's not possible!

Unfortunately it doesn't work!

Got crazy!

You're asking too much!

You can't have much in life!

Do not trust people!

Who do you think you are?

Watch out, this is sin!

Love is utopia!

Any less!

Without realizing it, these same voices are internalizing in our mind and taking up residence in our soul, we enter a kind of trance, limited, subtracted, and out of nowhere, the world that sold us like an immense Universe becomes the size of a pea .

It is common in the circle of closest friends, to speak and listen to the outbreaks of existential crises, dilemmas, soul pains, feelings of emptiness and unexplained sadness. Without understanding what is going on inside, we look for solutions outside, often escapes or deposit all cards in the "other" to make us happy. We started with the excesses of buying, medications, exercises,
drinks, food, all in order to plug the holes in life or numb the pain.

Some, even less evolved, take on the role of agents of subtraction and target those who try to wake up to put them back in the world the size of peas.

I doubt you don't know someone like that! I usually call them vampires, just see a light and they want to turn it off.

I ask: If you realize now that you have lost your cell phone, how would you feel and what action would you take next?

Yes, we lose infinitely more important things in our lives: choices, identity, expectations, dreams and freedom. And what did we do about it?

What subtracts you? Who subtracts you?

It's always time to stop! Stop the battles in your mind! Enough in the people and situations that subtract us! Stop the voices of the shadow! It's always time to look and say: I want, I can, I deserve it and I can do it!

But for that it is necessary to look and to know yourself, to recognize these voices, to know where it comes from, to daily kill its Ego, which is full of shadows, to silence these voices requires detachment, courage and allow the soul to wake up from the coma of fear and insecurity.

Our life is nothing more than the projection of what we believe and think, change the tracks of your thought and your life will be transformed, Jesus simply said in one sentence what I wrote in dozens: If you can believe, everything is possible to what you believe ( Mark 9:23).

Ahhh, I was already forgetting, by shutting up the internal voices, instantly, the external ones will return, people do not usually forgive those who seek changes, and more, do not expect company on this journey, do it for yourself!

Get out of the shadow! Choice!!!

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Author: Fernanda Leite

Fernanda Leite is a psychologist and life and career coach, has worked for more than 15 years in Communication and Retail companies, specializing in Development, Behavioral Analysis and People Management who work in advertising agencies, journalism, design, book publishing, creation , marketing and digital.

Its mission is to reveal the best version of each one so that these people assume the role of protagonists in the generation of content and creative results, with high quality, truth and relevance to society.



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