It is not uncommon for children to be passionate about pets, especially dogs and cats.

How do you decide to respond to the child's appeal? after all, parents soon imagine the work they can do with the care of this little animal and how to introduce it into the family.

It is already known that the interaction between children and animals is extremely healthy, especially with regard to the basis of personality development. But beware! Children up to 2 years old do not yet have the discernment between a toy and a living being. In this case, it is worth the attention of the parents so that there is no unwanted behavior on the part of the pet that will act on instinct or even some reaction from the child that may hurt the fur.

Obviously, for parents who have already lived and are passionate about animals, familiarization with the child is much easier, however, I will put some tips for your child to make his first and best friendship at home.

Best friends

• The child who lives and plays with a pet develops a solid base of behavior and personality characteristics, tends to be a safer individual, generous with any other living being and the ability to seek good and be happy.

• Social interaction will be favored, as the child learns the value of companionship, a principle of loyalty and is less aggressive.

Health care

  • A pet in your home decreases illness and strengthens your child's immune system.

  • Although we know that children develop antibodies in this environment, do not put any of them at risk with this environment. Visit a veterinarian whenever necessary, vaccinate your pet annually and deworming as a preventive.

Adopt or buy

  • This attitude will be the greatest example for your child of generosity, after all, “FRIEND DOES NOT BUY”.

Remember and teach your child that LOVE has no race

  • And if you are ready to answer your son / daughter's call and open your heart to a new member of the family, I will give you some addresses of NGOs and Protectors that do a wonderful job for pets that are victims of abuse to find a home with great care and affection… .this home can be yours !!!

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