Who has never danced to the songs sung with Sidney Magal's strong, striking and engaging voice?

Certainly when dancing and dancing at wedding parties, birthdays and social gatherings, the presence of the Gypsy “Sandra Rosa Madalena” is always guaranteed fun.

Céu de Borboleta participated in the “Bailamos” event, last weekend, February 15, 19 at Espaço das Américas in São Paulo. We went to check, participate and register the best moments of the Sidney Magal Show that celebrated 50 years of career.

Sidney Magal at the age of 68, oozing sympathy, charisma and energy, put the audience to dance and sing successful songs throughout his career. The sympathy and affection with his audience are evident, we witness the love for the art of singing that, naturally, Sidney Magal reflects in his look and in his presence on stage.

Among so many successful songs throughout his career, we danced the hits “Meu Sangue Ferve”, “Sandra Rosa”, “Tem”, “Me calls Que eu Vou”, in addition to the pre-Carnival revelry with the presence of two guests specials, the Bahia singer Katê and Tatau singer and composer who also makes the party in Bahia.

During the show, Magal spoke of his early career and trajectory over these 50 years. There was no lack of good humor and irreverence to get closer and make the audience participate.

The singer has a published book “Sidney Magal- Much Beyond a Latin Lover” and it could not be different in its authenticity, he hopes that readers will know the human being besides the Latin lover and have fun with his story.

Now, another project is in progress, the film that will show a beautiful love story with his wife Magali West that has lasted 37 years. More than a film will be a tribute.

For us at Céu de Borboleta, it was much more than a show, it was the opportunity to get to know a little more about this extraordinary figure that touches many generations.

Our respect and admiration remains.

Congratulations Sidney Magal for the 50 years of joy.

Text, photos and videos by Ivete Drozdowski


Organizational Psychologist


Activist in Animal Cause

Contact: @ drozdowski_photos /

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