This weekend he went to São Paulo on Tom Brasil – Ney Matogrosso with the tour Bloco na Rua, a reference to the song that opened the show “I want to put my block on the street” launched by Sérgio Sampaio in 1972.

A spectacle that involved the audience and a chilling energy. At 77 Ney Matogrosso sings and dances with the vitality of a boy, his strength in the tone of his voice, keeps the show with the same quality from start to finish.

There was the mark of an imperative repertoire, but the singer made it clear in previous testimonies that it was not a protest show, but undeniably the artist has his “critical touch!”.

The costume used throughout the show, illuminating the golden plaque and with the necessary lightness for choreography, like a free bird in its flight, the penetrating look and sensuality that moves the audience's imaginary.

Ney Matogrosso is the show itself, his expression and music are the greatest proof of effective communication with the public.

And it was in this scenario that Céu de Borboleta put the block on the street and shows you the record of this event, a classic with photos and videos of the show.

Text and photo by Ivete Drozdowski

Organizational Psychologist


Animal activist

"Photographing is having the power to freeze time, build and remember your story".

Contact: @drozdowski_photos

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