After 5 years, the multi-award winning singer and songwriter Loreena McKennitt returned to Brazil on her Lost Souls tour on the 30th and 31st of October at Credicard Hall.

Charm and magic were the sensations that gently touched the souls of Loreenna McKennitt fans.

To the sound of her harp and a soprano tone full of emotion, Loreena invited us to dream and to contact each individual's internal and infinite world.

World Music, Folk and Celtic eclectic style with a Middle Eastern trend, make alchemy for success with over 15 million records sold worldwide. Undoubtedly an exotic blend with an erudite touch.

"Lost Souls" in addition to naming his tour in Latin America, also represents his critically acclaimed album released in May 2018.

In the presentation and repertoire of the show we had great successes from Loreena McKennit and several songs from her most recent work. "Sun, Moon and Stars" which is part of the new album.

We cannot fail to emphasize the talent of the musicians who accompany the singer,

Are they:

  • Caroline Lavelle – Cellist, composer and singer.
  • Hugh Marsh – He is a Toronto violinist, known for his electric violin sound.
  • Brian Hughes – Canadian guitarist and his work is inspired by “smooth jazz” and Latin music.
  • Tal Bergman – Drummer

Once again Céu de Borboleta taking part in the São Paulo night, bringing you our reading, exclusive access to Loreena McKennitt's Show.


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