No longer are the lights of a merry-go-round that illuminate children's eyes, nor do they awaken the magic of dreaming.

Nobody expects the good old man at Christmas to have the pink Susy or Barbie, marbles, spinning top or roller cart in their hands.

This new generation, at an earlier age, children already have their own cell phone in many cases around 2 years old.

According to some theories in psychology, parents are role models for children. This model that begins to stimulate the baby at birth.

At the moment of birth, when delivered to the mothers' arms, the children's first look is at a cell phone that will certainly be present for the birth registration. In some maternities, parents can already hire photography and filming services in the accommodation package during delivery.

Fathers and mothers are already beginning to question themselves about this new interest of children, if on the one hand the children will spend more time “quiet”, and thus more time for the parents in other activities, on the other hand the child develops a relationship with a mobile device increasingly isolated in its own world.

Céu de Borboleta heard some reports from parents about this new reality in the development of their children, we will now know some of these situations.

Mothers who, during maternity leave, are away from work, but absorbed by domestic activities and the period of adaptation with the baby, have Social Networks as a window to the world. In this context, the mother will have free time during the child's sleep or when breastfed. This “free time” is the tricky reality that makes some mothers breastfeed while looking at their cell phones, failing to observe the baby and being with them 100%.

It is common for children when they get in the car to start crying or getting their parents' attention in some way. However, it is even more common for children to receive their cell phones to play and thus enable a more peaceful journey.

It is worth remembering that according to the Brazilian Traffic Code (Law 9503/97 | Law No. 9,503, of September 23, 1997), it establishes, in article 64, that only from the age of ten children can sit in the front seat, even if this law is not respected, it is considered a very serious infraction. Babies must be transported in special seats, known as baby comfort.

Just as in the car situation, some mothers reported that to bathe, prepare meals, they also use their cell phones to keep the child silent and attentive to something that does not require more attention from the parents.

As we can see, all the situations occurred with the intervention of the parents that provided the child's easy access to the internet. These situations occur in the Personality Development period of the child from 0 to 5 years old (approximately).

This developmental period will be fundamental in essence for adult life, but also transforming for parents, as they are also developing the ability to see the world through the eyes of a child in search of discovering the world in colors and magic.

We know that it is not healthy for a child to stay on the cell phone all the time and the measure for control should be dosed by parents who, most likely, will exercise to not be the main models of behavior and reference that reinforce negative behavior.

One thing is FACT, you will not be able to prohibit a child's access to the internet, after all the world has changed, but realizing excess, seek help from specific professionals such as psychologists, teachers, pediatricians, talk to other parents who experience or have gone through this phase.

And don't forget, especially delight your child with the superhero he most admires YOU.

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