Traditionally, today is the day of flowers, romantic dinners, chocolate and lots of congratulations. All of this represents a day that is recognized worldwide for the history and struggle of WOMEN in the conquest of rights and equality.

Deservedly, a journey that must be celebrated!

After all, each woman carries the essence of life and the power of creation and perpetuation of the most perfect work of God in the universe, the “human being”.

But today, we are here to invite readers of our Blog Céu de Borboleta to reflection.

Much more than the historical homage, the flag raised was “EMPODERAMENTO FEMININO”.

But what is this “EMPODERAMENTO”, if the number of femicide has grown 12% compared to last year and this represents a woman who is killed every two hours in the country.

The truth is that many “empowered” women are in collective manifestos, social, economic, political and power discussions, but are victims of violence in their own homes or even live in a private prison, not exercising assertive attitudes to the practice of POWER that begins inside their homes.

Women need to be aware that respect must come from self-love, to say NO to the aggressor, who for the most part is their partner.

Exercise the power of your emotional intelligence and don't let yourself be taken into the arms of a love that hurt and kills.

Talking about female empowerment and not exercising it does not make sense. Discussing equality between men and women is no longer a priority, since equality is still a fact that is still denied by many macho cowards.

Empowered is the woman who respects herself and the slightest sign of aggression denounces and positions herself.

The woman is free to be what she wants and to live according to her choices, beliefs, options and see the world far beyond the hot pink.

If you suffer any type of violence, aggression or know of someone who lives this situation, report it! Call 180 or write to email

May March 8 be the reflection for a new history, that this generation of women is writing in search of a more just world.


Organizational Psychologist


Activist in Animal Cause

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