The diversity of the consultations in the office, whether attending children, adolescents or adults, with all variations of genders, religions, tastes, beliefs and any other individual characteristic, I was able to conclude that each human being is unique, unlimited in his possibilities, however what it becomes, it is the junction of information, experiences, customs, habits and behaviors assimilated by who and what surrounds it, the fruit is not different from its tree and is linked to its roots, but if necessary it is possible to gain new contours, new forms and even new features, when taken care of.

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<p>In care, each case is like a “tree”, when care is infantile, the initial patient is the child, that is, the fruit, with all the nuances of its imaginary and fanciful demands, living the discoveries of the world and discovering how behave in it, but there is a parallel service for adults who live with the little ones and who are the models who guide their behaviors, they are the branches, they are the trunks, in the same way, the service for adults with their specific complaints and rationalized issues, if you attend to the children they were, the fantasized questions that were not elaborated in childhood, however when attending the adult-child, I also attend the adults that surrounded him, that is, it is a look at the roots that were once also trunks and fruits.</p>
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Text: Gláucia Rodrigues Araujo

Psychologist, acting for four years, passionate about people and a lover of Psychology since always, my experiences with the care of children and adults go beyond the knowledge learned in college and theories of books.

I believe in a lively and egalitarian Psychology that seeks well-being and quality of life for all.

"Psychology done with soul, creativity and love."


Psychology (Emphasis on Prevention and Health Promotion) Universidade Nove de Julho.

Emergency Psychology (Post-traumatic Stress Disorders Care)


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