This past week, the sadness over the puppy's death at Carrefour Osasco, caused outrage and commotion in the population. An unnecessary attitude with refinements of cruelty and torture.

We at Céu de Borboleta, express all our indignation against heinous acts against life, because every LIVE being deserves respect, dignity and compassion.

We declare our support to the Animal Protection NGOs and competent authorities in the search for justice and for the guilty to be held responsible.

MALTRATING ANIMALS IS A CRIME and can result in 3 months to a year and a fine. Article 32 of Law 9,605 / 1998

The number of abandoned animals is very large, according to the World Veterinary Association estimates that there are more than 200 million abandoned dogs in the world, a fact that deserves the attention of everyone for actions to raise awareness of Castration and Responsible Adoption. In December, the number of dropouts increases, on average, by 50%, with vacations being the main reason.

However, while some mistreat, abandon, maim and even kill, there are people who save lives.

Independent protector Arlete Consentino dedicates her life to saving lives, responsible for 40 animals between dogs and cats, 20 of which are disabled. All the furry ones were victims of abuse, saved and now live with dignity and respect.

December 1st was an unforgettable Saturday, we were welcomed by this group of disabled and bedridden, but still, they are active and happy.

And in this chain of goodness, we participate in the Christmas Campaign for these animals. Feed bags, diapers, hygienic tissues, cleaning products, cat litter, sachets for dogs and cats, beds, etc. were delivered.

Having the opportunity to get to know this work and being able to help, brought joy and a feeling of generosity to everyone that Doing Good Makes Us Good.

We thank our friends Samanta Bauer, Alex dos Santos, Adilson Brevilieri and my father Jan and my sister Ivete, who trusted and helped with an open heart. Save a stray animal



The peace of a paraplegic on the lap of Protector Arlete.

To help this beautiful work, carried out by the Protector Arlete, see the disclosure of the “Christmas Letters”, with the need for each furry Champagne

Text: Márcia Drozdowski

Editorial review and photos: Ivete Drozdowski

Organizational Psychologist


Activist in Animal Cause

Contact: @ drozdowski_photos /

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