Christmas atmosphere invades the Aricanduva Shopping Center

Castelo do Natal ”is the theme of this year's decoration, highlighting the synchronized light show with music at the Christmas castle

Until December 24th, in celebration of the most charming time of the year, the Aricanduva Shopping Center, the largest shopping and entertainment center in Latin America, receives Christmas decoration. The project features topiaries decorated with ornaments, approximately 1 million LED lamps, angels up to 3.5 meters high, arches installed on Aricanduva Avenue, happy holidays totem and scenographic marquee with the theme “Christmas Castle”.

In allusion to the true magic of Christmas, the Main Square has been transformed into a kingdom, which will host the Santa Claus Castle. The building is imposing and all decorated with trees, garlands and festoons, as well as ornaments in shades of gold and wine. And the news does not stop there, since the light show will take place in sync with the music.

The internal environment of the castle has the presentation of the good old robotized, along with the princess, represented in 3D animation. Next to it, there is a space with sled for the visitor to take pictures with the family. At Alameda Aricanduva, it is possible to follow the labyrinth that hides an interactive castle, with a fun slide.

In addition to the charming Santa Claus throne, the interior decoration of the Shopping Center offers a sledge to record photos, an animated Santa Claus, a puppet show to liven up the children, in addition to the traditional Nativity scene, next to the Luigi Bertolli store. From the external point of view, the project placed several stars and garlands on display on the lampposts.

Visitors can follow the news during the opening hours of the Shopping Center, from 10 am to 10 pm, including weekends.


Aricanduva Shopping Center – Christmas Decoration
Address: Avenida Aricanduva, 5555 – Vila Matilde.
Date: Until December 24th.
For more information:
Free parking.

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