Children's Day – toys for all profiles, tastes and ages

Children's Day is coming and nothing better than playing and having fun with the best toys! For this reason, we have selected novelties for the most special time of the year: play day, learning, imagination and creativity. Check out the toys that meet the most diverse profiles, tastes and ages.

“Barbie Crayola Designing Styles” Create exclusive outfits with Barbie® and Crayola®. All materials and tools are included, as well as a Barbie® doll prepared to display your productions. Suggested price: R $ 139.99

“Little Mommy Wonder Nursery – Baby Magic Surprises” A game full of surprises with the Baby Magic Surprise dolls! Discover the newborn doll's personality and adapt her style – she can be sporty, like unicorns, kittens or be very vain! To find out, fill the tub with water and place it inside. The paper diaper dissolves, revealing its theme. Then, dip one of the gifts and discover a themed outfit and birth certificate. The next gift reveals a hair band, pair of shoes and a toy for the baby. Dress your doll in her beautiful outfit that matches your personality! Suggested price: 199.99

“Hot Wheels – 50 years Classic Edition” Replicas of 5 original Hot Wheels cars with new graphic details and packaging, in a commemorative anniversary edition! With complete die-cast structure, wheels with red detail and collectible button. Suggested price: R $ 69.99

“JURASSIC WORLD – ELECTRONIC MASK RAPTOR” With moving eyes and mouth, the Raptor Mask came to make the game even more fun! Inspired by the Blue character in Jurassic World, the mask features realistic details such as color, skin texture and sounds emitted like a dinosaur. Suggested price: R $ 249.99

"JURASSIC WORLD – RAPTOR'S CLAWS" Blue has huge claws ready to go. And now it is possible to recreate scenes from Jurassic World using its flexible and foldable claws, perfect when playing. So, do you want to face it? Suggested price: R $ 129.99

"Hot Wheels 50 years – Black & Gold Line" In celebration of its 50th anniversary, Hot Wheels launches limited Black & Gold collection, of six classic models, they are: Twin Mill, Bone Shaker, Rodger Dodger, Dodge Dart, Impala, Ford Ranchero. Suggested price: R $ 19,90

“Puppy Who Walks – Fisher-Price” This puppy makes learning small even more cool and dynamic. Walking or sitting, just push the Puppy to start listening to his fun songs and 7 different activities. The nose and keys of the piano light up, there are pieces that jump and roll in addition to 75 educational songs that make all the difference when it comes to playing. It is designed so that the baby has comfort and safety while learning and its educational content changes as the age changes. Suggested price: R $ 349.99

“Little Monster Who Walks – Fisher-Price” Pulling on the rope, the little monster jumps and spins and further encourages the child's walk thanks to its various textures and colors. In addition to being educational, it makes the moment more special and fun on the child's day! Suggested price: 139.99

"Barbie Pizzaiola" And when does hunger strike? Pizza has no time and no place! And Barbie Pizzaiola is now ready to make various flavors of pizza with moldable dough, "sauce" and "cheese". It is possible to slice and cut the pieces in addition to making the payment at the cash register to make the kitchen look nicer. And now, bueno appetito! Suggested price: R $ 199.99

“Barbie Luxury Kitchen” And the fun in the kitchen doesn't stop there! Now girls can create their own dishes in Barbie's kitchen like fries, vegetables, sandwiches and more. The set also includes sounds, lights and many cooking accessories. So it's hard not to play, is it?Suggested price: R $ 399.99

“Barbie – Horta Da Chelsea” Unleash your creativity and cook fresh, healthy foods straight from Chelsea's garden. There are many varieties of vegetables and fruits in addition to moldable pasta that serve to accompany the meal, making it even more delicious!Suggested price: R $ 349.99

"Teen Titans Tower in Action – Imaginext" Robin is training calmly when something unexpected happens: the tower is attacked by the Mammoth! Little heroes will be able to prevent the attack by placing Robin in the elevator to the top of the tower, where he turns the platform and turns the sofas into launchers. Aim and shoot! Did he leave for good or will he still come back to cause more battles?Suggested price: R $ 269.99

"Cyborg vehicle – Imaginext" With this complete battlefield, children put Cyborg into battle, protecting the city streets from criminals! When there is a threat, just press the platform and transform the vehicle into a battle robot, with launchers on the wings. Children will love to recreate action-packed adventures and battle!Suggested price: R $ 189.99

"Hot Wheels Extreme Balance" This incredible Hot Wheels track is based on weight to challenge children's launching skills. Throw your car as hard as you can into the bucket and pour the other player's to win. Play in 2 player mode to contribute to sports – the set has 2 launchers, 2 buckets and a shock area! Load the cars on the launcher, point to the bucket trying and experimenting with your movements. Includes 3 Hot Wheels® vehicles!Suggested price: R $ 199.99

“Hot Wheels City Borracharia Super Giro” Children's favorite sets, accelerating imagination and action. Hot Wheels® sets value play with high performance. Connect them to each other directly, using the new docking system.Suggested price: R $ 149.99

About Mattel do Brasil

Installed in the country since 1998, Mattel do Brasil operates in the development of children's brands, leaders in almost all segments in which they operate. Its portfolio includes well-known names such as Fisher-Price, Barbie, Polly, Monster High, Uno, Hot Wheels and Max Steel. Known for acting in the development, manufacture, sale of toys and accessories, constant investments in innovation, media, promotions and for the close partnership with its customers, Mattel is one of the main companies in the sector. Present in more than 25 thousand points of sale, it contributes to the generation of jobs in retail, in the logistics sector and in the service area throughout Brazil. Brand licensing is another important focus of the company's operations in the country. Currently, more than 80% of articles licensed under the Barbie, Polly, Hot Wheels and Max Steel brands are produced locally, through a network of more than 60 companies from different segments.

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