Character André, by Mauricio de Sousa, helps to understand autism

The Autism Magazine, created in 2010 by two parents of autistic children, with the aim of informing the population about this topic still very unknown to parents and educators, announces a partnership with the Mauricio de Sousa Institute.

The magazine, now in a new phase, will be launched this March and will feature the character André, created by Mauricio de Sousa a few years ago to participate in the stories of Turma da Mônica. André will be the subject of a cartoon on a magazine page, always highlighting some aspect of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), within which the character fits.

“The partnership with the Mauricio de Sousa Institute will bring information about autism to many children and adults, with the charisma and universality of language typical of Turma da Mônica. It is an incredible step forward for Revista Autismo, which gains a partner of great weight and credibility. Not to mention that it is a great reinforcement in the best weapon against prejudice: information ”, says the magazine's editor, Francisco Paiva Júnior.

The Autism Magazine is quarterly and its printed version has free distribution in associations related to autism in more than 50 cities in all states of Brazil, in addition to distributing copies in Portugal. You can also order the magazine by mail (paying only for shipping), through the website

This new relaunch edition will have a cover story on the number of autistic people in Brazil today, columns by authors within the autistic spectrum, such as Érica Mattos, one of the members of the League of Autists, in addition to a text by the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics. One of the highlights is the article by Brazilian neuroscientist Alysson Muotri, a professor at the University of California in San Diego, USA, one of the leading authorities in autism research. The edition will also address the 2019 UN theme for World Autism Awareness Day, celebrated on April 2: “Assistive technologies, active participation”.

For Mauricio de Sousa, this partnership will expand knowledge about autism. “When we created André, we soon realized how much more information about children within the autism spectrum was needed and to contribute to their full inclusion in society. Turma da Mônica couldn't be left out of this action! ”, Adds Turma da Mônica's father and president of the Mauricio de Sousa Institute.

About the Mauricio de Sousa Institute (IMS)

Founded in 1997, IMS conducts projects, campaigns and social actions focused on the construction of content, which through a clear and playful language, stimulate human development, social inclusion, encouraging reading, respect between differences, training citizens aware of their duties and rights.

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