Ceremony of the 13th PRESS Woman Trophy – 17 award categories

On August 14th in São Paulo, Revista and Portal IMPRENSA promote the ceremony for the delivery of the 13th Trophy Woman PRESS.

Professionals will be awarded in 17 categories, in addition to the “Trophy Woman PRESS for Contributing to Journalism”. To find out more about this edition's winning professionals and reporting team, visit the award website.

The 13th edition of the Woman PRESS Trophy started in February 2018, when a jury of excellence – composed of professionals of relevance in the Brazilian market, who cover or have full knowledge of the media in which they will vote – indicated, by free choice, 3 ( three) women who stood out, in their opinion, in each of the 17 categories listed. Special reports and series on women were also appointed by the jury.

Find out below the winners of the 13th Trophy Woman PRESS in four categories. More than 31 thousand votes defined the honorees of this edition:

  • MARIA BELTRÃO (GloboNews) – TV anchor
  • JULIA DUAILIBI (BandNews) – Commentator or TV columnist
  • ANDRÉIA SADI (GloboNews) – TV News Reporter
  • CARLA BIGATTO (BandNews FM) – Radio anchor
  • VERA MAGALHÃES (Jovem Pan) – Radio commentator or columnist
  • MONYSE RAVENNA (Brasil de Fato Pernambuco) – Newscaster or magazine reporter
  • DJAMILA RIBEIRO (Carta Capital) – Newspaper or magazine columnist
  • NATHALIA ARCURI (Me Poupe! Channel) – Revelation WEB journalist
  • BASILIA RODRIGUES (CBN) – Radio reporter

  • SONIA BLOTA (TV Band) – Correspondent
  • MÔNICA ZARATTINI – Photojournalist
  • GRAZIELA GUARDIOLA (Needs Communication & Clipping / TO) – Assessora Comunic./agencia
  • LEILA SUWWAN (Airbnb) – Corporate Communication Advisor
  • CARLA JIMENEZ (El País) – Management or editorial editor
  • RENATA FAN (TV Band) – Sports reporter or commentator
  • THAÍS NUNES (SBT) – Investigative reporter

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The online version of the regulation is available on the website The IMPRENSA Portal ( is the main channel for publicizing the award

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