Cabelegria and Mauricio de Sousa Institute promote meeting with characters from Turma da Mônica and delivery of wigs to GRAAC patients

It takes place this Thursday, 7, from 8 am to 12 pm, delivery of wigs from the Cabelegria together with Turma da Monica to GRAAC patients. The action, which is part of the “Strength in Wig” Campaign announced at the end of 2018 and consists of a partnership between the Mauricio de Sousa Institute with the NGO that has been making and donating free wigs to cancer patients since 2013.

During the donations, the characters of the most beloved group of children and adults will be present throughout the morning.

Created in 2013, Cabelegria donates an average of 300 wigs per month and does not have its own headquarters. In total, more than 100 thousand yarn donations have been collected, from all parts of the planet, that is. Since then, thousands of free deliveries have been made to children and women, in addition to the countless donations made to hospitals and support houses, whether on time or in the existing Wig Banks.

Without a queue, all orders are sent free of charge by Sedex or delivered either to the Wig Banks or to any actions taken in São Paulo and outside the capital. To learn more, visit: and follow Cabelegria on social media:, and

Mauricio de Sousa Institute

The Mauricio de Sousa Institute conducts Projects, Campaigns and Social Actions that encourage human development, social inclusion, encouragement for reading, respect for differences and the formation of citizens aware and aware of their duties and rights.

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