Avoiding the fear and stress of public speaking: our tips and tricks

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There are a number of reasons why you might want to speak, just to express your opinion in a group, to present a project, to convince a new client, to run a meeting, to host a conference … This is a test that some people consider like a real torture; especially those who are shy in nature. Sweats, cold, stammering, knotted stomach, many people are completely dominate by stress and lose all their means, let go of the steering wheel and hide the eyes … What to do to captivate the whole room, how to succeed to transform the stress, the difficulties and to use them to their advantage?

Tips for speaking in public without fear

In order to succeed in public intervention, to capture the attention of listeners, no room for improvisation should be left. Your presentation must be repeated several times in advance, you must take care to make small sheets in order to develop the points on which you will have to insist. This preparation is very important because the more you prepare for your public speaking, the more you master your subject and your speech, and the more you reduce the risk of going astray, looping or having a memory leak. . If you are really shy, and you still have time, the best way to progress and overcome your shyness is to register. When you listen to your recording, you will immediately identify the points that are unclear, the passages that deserve to be told while listening to your speech. You can also repeat in front of the mirror to check if your gestures match your word.

The role of nonverbal

Remember that when you speak in public, you send two distinct messages. The first part of your voice and the second of your gestures, the language of your body, your face and your style of dress. So, if this is your first public speaking, do not hesitate to clarify and give weight to your arguments through your non-verbal communication. It's a secret, very effective weapon that helps you convince your audience of the sincerity of your words and your commitment. Also remember that your behavior reflects your quality of life, to convey a good image, be above all in agreement with yourself, have confidence in yourself, believe in yourself and others in return believe in you.

Our tips for mastering sentences and gestures

It's D-day, you're ready to face the public, your goal is to captivate them throughout the presentation or meeting. Here are some tips for you to master your attitude and your sentence.

  • Speak neither too fast nor too slowly, neither too much nor too feebly; you must have an accomplice in front of you in the back of the room to signal to you if it's not right, if you have to speak loudly, if you have to speed up …
  • Take small breaks between sentences or when you change subject; the breaks wake up the audience and especially they support your statements;
  • You must speak with your hands, but you must avoid gesticulating, or swinging from one foot to the other; Above all, remember that nonverbal communication is very important in public speaking; in this case, if you do not know what to do with your hands, avoid putting them in your pockets.
  • Whatever the nature and purpose of your intervention, be as smiling as possible, the smile relaxes the public and promotes their sympathy.

Article updated on 08/01/2017

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