Are you confident enough?

If 99.1% of people die unhappy, it is because the popular recipe for life must be questionable.
If you take a path other than that of the mass, you should expect to be criticized or to be adulated. It will all be one or the other.

For some, you will have gone completely mad, and for others, you will be "God" or "devil", there will be no middle ground. You must have a protective layer around you to remain completely indifferent to both critics and compliments.

If you need compliments, you depend on others. If you are sensitive to criticism, you do not have enough confidence in yourself.
So you have to ignore other people's opinions head on. This does not mean abusing or trampling on their freedom or not caring about the welfare of others.
It just means, don't worry about their opinion on how you live.

Confidence in yourself, in yourself

If you trust yourself, you will inspire confidence in others.

Take a test:
The next time you take the elevator, instead of doing like everyone else, that is, entering, turning around, staring at the numbers etc.
Come in but don't turn around, keep your back against the sliding doors, and look the other people straight in the eyes, wearing the biggest of your smiles 😀 You will see, they will all look down and look at their shoes. at that time passed the test! But will you dare to do it ??
If you were 4 years of mental age, you would do it with disconcerting ease. If this little exercise gives you palpitations, imagine what you will have to endure when you tell everyone that: you only live in the present, that you have decided to ask to receive, that you do not put more money aside, that you are using the law of action-reaction, that it is your children who are educating you at home, that you have no more insurance, no more pension funds and that you practice meditation for yourself plug into the universal collective brain.

Seen this way, the elevator test is very easy 😀
So, do you dare to take up the challenge?

What do you think?

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