Announce to your family, friends or relatives that you are homosexual

Announce to your family that you are homosexual

Announce that we are gay or lesbian to our parents, it is always an important moment for the family. There is no good or bad way to say it. The important thing is to stay and be proud of who we are, regardless, the reaction of the parents. It is true that some families will not accept the homosexuality of their son or daughter. However, in fact, even if it is more difficult in the moment, but we do not need their approvals. It's not a lifestyle choice, but a fact.

October 11th of each year is the International Day of Coming Out. Less known in Europe, but more popular in the United States, this day aims to encourage homosexuals to come out of the closet by saying openly their sexual orientation. Coming out can be done to our family, our school or our work. The important thing is to be comfortable where we are with our homosexuality.

Unfortunately, even today, every day, cases of homophobia are listed. So there is still a lot of work to be done within the population to accept the fact that there is a difference. This difference is sometimes badly perceived with preconceived ideas about the lifestyle of a homosexual. Some people see footage from a gay pride or others from a program that does not give fair value to a homosexual. In any case, homosexuals are well accepted in many circles from Western countries.

Say I'm gay to my family

There are not two hundred solutions. The franchise with oneself is the priority! We must be comfortable with our orientation and live with the possible consequences. Parents will potentially have a lot of questions. It is also important to give the family time to accept. You have taken time to accept yourself as you are. We must also give them this time and this chance.

In order to better accept your orientation to your family or yourself, there are many books on the subject. Opt for a trusted gay guide and recognized to learn a little more about this subject. You will have all the necessary tools to tackle this subject that could be delicate in certain family environments. You can also find help with a psychologist or a hotline who is always available to help you. However, it is impotent to never be alone in this situation. Get ahead with a friend or other trusted family member. Create links in different networks of contacts and associations. Do not isolate yourself especially if the situation turns sour.

Good coming out!

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