All the more reason to use only the Bepantol brand

For each antiassadura sold, R $ 1 will be allocated to the financing of projects of NGOs that serve babies and children up to 6 years old with a disability. The brand's commitment is to transfer at least R $ 1.5 million in 2017, benefiting more than 1.5 thousand babies and children with the project

Caring for and caring for the well-being of small children is one of the missions of Bepantol ® Baby, anti-chafing cream from Bayer, one of the leaders in the segment. Now, the brand wants to go further and contribute to the evolution of thousands of babies and children, through an unprecedented partnership with Instituto Guga Kuerten.

Founded in 2000 by tennis player and national idol Guga Kuerten and by his mother Alice Kuerten, the Institute came up with the challenge of serving students from public schools and people with disabilities through sport, in addition to supporting educational actions aimed at the social inclusion of children and adults.

With the partnership signed with Bepantol® Baby, from July the Institute will expand its work aimed at NGOs focused on babies and children from 0 to 6 years old, also with some disability.

“When we heard about Guga and Alice's dream of expanding the Institute's service to babies and children up to 6 years old, we saw the possibility of embracing this cause together. Thus, we want to contribute even more to the evolution of children who need extra care. And we believe that we can make a difference with the support of consumers and the Institute ”, points out André Mendes, marketing manager for Bepantol® Baby.

“I am very happy with the partnership with Bepantol® Baby, mainly because I know that together we will help more children and be able to care for babies too. Our expectation is to significantly increase the number of beneficiaries with the project ”, says Alice Kuerten, president of the Institute.

To make the partnership feasible, as of July, the brand launches a promotional action in which the consumer will help to make a difference in the lives of many children.

When buying an anti-harness Bepantol® Babyof any weight, R $ 1 will go to Instituto Guga Kuerten, which, through the Fund for Supporting Social Projects (FAPS), allows institutions that serve people with disabilities to sign up for technical and financial support.

“With this promotional action, our goal is to encourage consumer participation, so that mothers, fathers and caregivers who use Bepantol® Baby to care for their little ones feel part of the evolution of thousands of other children who also need care ”, points out Mendes.


The amount transferred by Bepantol® Baby to the Instituto Guga Kuerten will be destined to organizations in the Santa Catarina region that develop actions aimed at people with disabilities and who need resources to improve spaces and learning actions for children from 0 to 6 years old .

According to Alice Kuerten, the goal is to serve more than 150 organizations with this focus during the partnership, contributing to renovations of rooms, acquisition of equipment, new workshops, in addition to improvements in daycare structures in the neighborhoods where the Instituto Guga Kuerten operates, directly benefiting this public.

“In the 16 years of the Institute, actions and projects have already benefited more than 74 thousand people. Now, with the help of Bepantol® Baby and the expansion of care, our goal in the coming months is to include around 1,500 babies and children among the beneficiaries ”, says Alice Kuerten.

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