Affirmation and power of speech


Be assertive in our daily lives

Assert yourself for what?

The verb to affirm and to have affirmation comes from the Greek ad-firmo which means to render closed. This means implicitly not to leave other alternatives to what one asserts. Thus we understand that asserting is directly related to the level of self-confidence which one shows. To assert oneself is in this case a means of controlling the external factors which disrupts and U.S destabilize. Although the power of affirmation seems logical and powerful to us, we sometimes let ourselves be influenced by different ways of doing things, invasive attitudes, which we can interpret as a risk or a danger. Our brain prefers to avoid this danger and privilege to remain speechless, helpless, without resources. Rest assured, you do not decide, it's your brain of survival that does it for you. By cons without your knowledge …


Indeed, the situations where we lose trust in us are most often directly related to the relationships that are necessary, which appear to us unscrupulous or uncomfortable we finally give a credit without even realizing it. But it's up to us to show how much our ideas, reasonings and mindset are more more durable. Asserting yourself is an option we have to use, take risks. Without risks, we can not move forward. "Luck favors the brave". And to have daring that means dare. To dare to put oneself in a zone of discomfort is to make the test of being mistaken, but it is also to test the success of things one has never done. In any case it is learn. "Enter this Mandela maxim in your memory:" I never lose. Be I win, be I learn ".

Having affirmation is therefore a major issue in our lives. To take risks, to choose the option to change, to confront oneself perhaps opens potentials to which we would never have access in "normal" situation. However, taking risks does not mean doing reckless things.

To dare is also to appeal to a certain rationality and at a great freedom. It is to find the balance between the exit of zone of comfort then the affirmation and the anchoring of a position.


The power of affirmation

Our word is a real rod full of power and magic! "Death and Life are in the power of language" says the book of proverbs ". "In the beginning was the verb". So the man at the power. That of transforming an uncomfortable and unhappy situation into brandishing his word just and aptly with his own words and so in affirming.

Everything is transformed by the change of energy between shadow and light. A certain man one day said: "You will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free". There is no truth in need and restriction. Neither in submission to a single thought or dogma. Fear, doubt, anxiety, anger, sadness, resentment weaken all cell of our bodies. These emotions make our health more fragile and this has the effect of letting go of diseases, accidents. Happiness and health are appropriated by controlling our feelings and emotions.

Therefore, the power take action without us having anything to do, think or activate. Indeed, it becomes present, omnipresent even. When we remain calm, serene, with a good appetite, when we feel happy and happy, enthusiastic even when our environments are hostile, it is because we have achieved mastery. The speech becomes a wand that transmutes failures into success. Every man has the power to drive out the fog of his life.

Words have power, letters too. Each of them corresponds to a meaning, each word also has a meaning. Think about just the words educate or raise. Do you feel the energy of these two words? To educate is to impose one's way of seeing things. To raise to suggest to the other to have opportunity to transform themselves to achieve the best.


Assert yourself in situation of stake or spontaneous difficulty

It is in these moments that the power of affirmation. If I agree with myself, with my values, my fundamentals nothing can stop me. It is still necessary to know them and to have them defined. It remains to raise awareness. One sees that these thoughts and beliefs are well anchored, these values, fundamentals and foundations will exert a real influence on myself, on my behavior and on my entourage.

Values ​​and virtues

Yet having values ​​or virtues is not always recognized in the short term. On the other hand, in the long run, we are always winners. "The lie takes the elevator when the truth takes the stairs". These values ​​and / or virtues are powerful because they are universal. If our commitment to them is lasting and real in time, values ​​such as honesty, loyalty, truth, giving, sharing, love, listening to others carry with them seeds of happiness and life success. Fear then imports the materialist side. The energy conveyed by these pillars is much larger.


Nevertheless, sometimes we want to compromise. In some situations we have the right to be afraid of losing. In the more or less long term this kind of choice does not report anything good. Hence the difficulty of maintaining a position and preferring to assert that to choose to make compromise. We prefer the short term and the quick win.

To become responsible again: to leave the model of victim without becoming an executioner

Positioning yourself as a victim allows us to unconsciously repel our responsibility on others. Especially when we made bad choices or made bad decisions that looked good at first. We will always find good excuses and we will also find good scapegoats.

However, it cuts us off from our being and the meaning we place on our actions and our lives. What is more positive than to say that the difficult situations that we have to overcome punctually are also those that allow us to transform ? It is this kind of attitude that allows you to touch the best! Each of the trials that come before us are right. These are opportunities to evolve for ourselves and for others.

Mastering your emotions: the panacea?

Too many emotions?

our emotions condition our lives. To have them is not negative but human, to suppress them is impossible, to know them. to accept and manage them is a real challenge for transformation. I understand that some people tell me that managing them will make us become machines. I agree if we use this mastery for selfish and egocentric purposes. Which amounts to practicing manipulation. On the other hand, if the intention is to spread peace and love, everything changes. The emotion is still there. It becomes clear a realization tool of oneself for oneself and others. When one is in the truth and the light, there is not too much question. which makes it easier to maintain self-confidence!

Indeed, when a situation puts us in default or makes us react because of the memories that we kept in us without knowing it, to control his emotions allows to change posture and image and to pass to another stage self development. Mastering oneself should be one of the first pillars for raising children. It is by losing control, getting angry or crying that we can seem weak. Even though these situations are also a powerful way to be connected to ourselves. There is no miracle recipe for this, just experiences and what we choose to do according to the law of free will.

Let's use our word wisely. Let's listen to and estimate ourselves. Let us estimate the choices we make, even if they do not seem to fit the norm. It is often the utopians who transform the world.

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