A mother's dementia in her child's eyes

Tony needed to test his new camera, he just hadn't planned that the model would be his mother, Mrs. Elia, who had broken her hip and was subsequently diagnosed with dementia and unable to live alone.

With very creative and very emotional photos, the son provided his mother, Elia, through poses and costume changes to return to her youth.

Elia was born in Italy and married at the age of 13, having her first child at the age of 16. And one of the photos portrays exactly this moment as a mother girl.

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<p>Image of Tony Luciani</p>
<p>In another photo, Tony merges the past and the present where his mother was his caregiver and now the roles have been reversed</p>
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<p id=Image of Tony Luciani

Tony says that this project made him rethink the relationship he had with his mother. That when he decided to take her to live in his house instead of putting him in an elderly care home he had the idea of ​​being brave because his life would be interrupted. But the truth is that he did not have his life interrupted, quite the contrary. In fact, he won much more than he gave.

Check out more photos and fall in love with each click.

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<p id=Tony Luciani ”Bomber Mamma Photo“

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<p id=”Catching an Angel” by Tony Luciani

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<p id=The mother with her 92 tells her son she was born at 4 am

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<p id=Tony Luciani ”E.T. Call home”

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<p id=“Internal reflection”

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<p id=“Life divided”

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