7 apps that facilitate the organization of home life and give a relief when it comes to resolving daily commitments.

Combine professional and personal life and still take care of household chores: this is the challenge of modern life. In the midst of this real turmoil, it is common for some commitments, such as rescheduling a doctor or paying a late bill, to end up missing. To avoid these unforeseen events, technology can be quite an ally, with applications that remind the user of the expiration of slips, a to-do list with alarms and even the provision of essential items in daily life, such as the gas cylinder.

Check out seven apps that make it easier to organize home life and give relief when it comes to resolving daily commitments.

1. Flame

The Chama app connects customers to gas cylinder dealers. All nominees have resale certification, ensuring product safety. The tool finds the resellers closest to the user's home, shows the prices practiced by them and the evaluation of other customers in relation to the quality, speed and installation of the cylinder. It is also possible to follow the entire product path from the store to the house and choose the payment method. It is never to run out of gas! Available for IOS and Android. Website:

2. Wunderlist

The application is made for the user to create lists of all the tasks he needs, from small commitments, such as making purchases at home, to paying a bill or scheduling a doctor or other appointment, but also personal goals, such as saving a value within. a specified period of time. In each note, the user sets the deadline for completion and, if he wishes, activates an alarm to remind him when he is close to the date he determined as the due date. Available for IOS and Android. Website:

3. SplitWise

If you share your house or apartment, which is very common in big cities, this app will make living easier and avoid those day-to-day conflicts that can undermine the relationship. The app has three sections: cleaning, bills and food, and each registered household member fulfills his obligations, needs and, in relation to expenses, can determine the payment amount, divided by the number of people living in the residence. You can also define organizational tasks with goals and deadlines and while traveling. Available IOS and Android. Website:

4. Paint Tester

This application is ideal for those who like to change the look of the house from time to time and innovate. For example: are you sick of the color of your home wall, but still unsure which color or texture you want to change? Or which one will best match the ambience, decor and furniture of the place? Just take a picture of the room and indicate, in the application, what you want to change. The technology simulates exactly how the room will look. Much easier and safer, right? Available IOS and Android.

5. Sortly

One of the sources of greatest concern when it comes to organizing household chores is, without a doubt, the organization of items, especially those small ones that the most inattentive people are losing. This app is ideal for those who have this difficulty: the app has categories, such as closet or pantry, and, according to the information provided by users, lists the items that are stored in each place, with photos. Hence, if you forgot where the keys are right when you leave, just open your cell phone. Available for Android and IOS. Website:

6. Oraculuz

The app allows you to measure how much each appliance in the house consumes energy and gives tips to reduce the pace of consumption, how to change the position of some, to avoid incidence of light, for example, or to use other more economical solutions. The app also defines what type of consumer you are, when entering data of the inhabitants of the house, warning the amount of CO2 emitted. Available for IOS and Android. Website:

7. Guarantee

The app, available for IOS and Android, synchronizes with your bank accounts and organizes your spending into categories such as transportation, leisure, accounts, etc., showing in a graph how to reduce costs, in addition to simulating investment income and suggesting ways to control income . The interface is interactive and it is also possible to define spending and cut targets. Available for IOS and Android. Website:


About Chama

Available on Google Play and the App Store, Chama is a marketplace that connects retailers of gas cylinders to customers. Launched in December 2016, the company brings together in a single environment more than 2,000 dealers regulated by the National Petroleum Agency (ANP). In just a few clicks, the user can request the service offered by the company and choose the supplier that best suits him – selecting information such as: amount charged, delivery time and product brand. The service is present in São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba and Porto Alegre.

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