6 types of friends to have and keep

Friends to have and keep

The fulfillment of an individual will depend largely on his quality of daily life. Among other things, this will depend on the meetings he will make and the relationships he will create during his life.

When we say meeting and relationship, we will think first of all about friends. Every friend will have a different place in our life and will not be made for us. Thus, we propose to you to know those which are, imperatively, to keep.

The teacher

This is the kind of friend you can count on when you're going through moments of doubt or uncertainty. They like to show the way to their friends, say the best choices to make according to what they consider good or bad. We will be taught daily about everyday life, which will undoubtedly help us to better manage our problems.

The therapist

Always there for you, he will listen and will try to solve your problems. Thanks to their ability to always give advice to others, no matter the situation, we may feel less alone in facing our problems. It is valuable because many people could tell you what to do, but he will never judge you.

The comic

As his saying goes, his role in your life will be to bring fun. He will always have the word to laugh and a good way to teach you to stop being too serious. In other words, this friend will teach you the art of living while having fun.

The auditor

We all have a time when we just need to have someone listen to us, and nothing more. These moments often allow us to evacuate what we have on our heart. Not everyone is able to play the role of the listener, we need someone special to make us feel better. Thus, friends listeners will know how to listen when we confide, will support us in case of tears. Sometimes the best therapies are not advice, but just listening.

The optimist

In case of depression, this friend will be as indispensable as chocolate. He will do everything to change your ideas and make you feel better by showing you that despite the appearance of things, there will always be a good side to take into account. His encouragement is worth much more than you imagine and will allow you to get up more easily after the dead ends that life will make you go through.


We are used to thinking that the soul mate is the person who is intended for us in love. However, it can also be a long-time friend who is an integral part of your life. Someone who is so dear to you that you can not imagine life without him, and reciprocally will love you as you really are.

These kind offriends you will always pull up and give you a better glimpse of life. So, if you are lucky enough to have them in your life, keep them!

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This article was proposed to us by one of our readers who wished to remain anonymous! Thanks to him !

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