6 tips to prepare for public speaking

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Shyness, stress, lack of preparation … many disabling factors can occur when speaking in front of a group of individuals.

It is quite possible to train to become comfortable speaking, to speak in public. In addition to the experience, which obviously plays an important role, it is possible to follow some tips to put you in condition before your speech or your presentation.

Here are some simple keys to help you limit stress and achieve a good performance:

Read texts aloud

It is very important to read your texts aloud several times. This will allow you to get used to the sound of each word to be able to pronounce them when you speak, which will be accompanied by additional stress. Practice adjusting the rhythm of your voice to have the most fluid and understandable speech possible.

Speak voluntarily a little louder than usual to familiarize yourself with this volume. Talking loudly without being used to it in front of an audience may distract you.

Practice until you feel ready.

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Speaking in front of the mirror

The goal here is to train you to put emotions in your speech. Use your eyes, your hands, your arms, your facial expressions … This will allow you the D-day not to be planted as a picket in front of your interlocutors, or even worse, not to know what to do with your hands when you speak .

Prepare its introduction and conclusion

These two points are the two most important things in your presentation. During your introduction (which can sometimes be a simple catchphrase) you will give a first impression to your audience. It is therefore important to have prepared it, even if you learn it by heart if you are shy and stressed. In this case, learn your text so that it sounds "natural" because there is nothing worse than listening to someone who recites a speech.

Do relaxation exercises

It is important to do, if you can, a few minutes before expressing yourself, small relaxation exercises. You will find plenty on the internet, but here is a page that gives some relaxation exercises simple to achieve.

Warm up your voice

No need to vocalize like singers 😉 You can just chat a little with people around you. In addition, it will make you think of something else.

Make some movements

Your muscles may tense during your oral presentation. To relax them, make a few small movements with your arms and some grimaces for your mouth and your face.

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