6 tips to enjoy the winter in the comfort of home

Winter officially arrived in countries in the southern hemisphere, such as Brazil, and the warmth of the home tends to become even more attractive during this period. This is true both for those who love the milder climate and for those who do not intend to take any chances in facing the cold outside.

Whether to receive friends, enjoy with family or love, or even enjoy good moments of self-care, we have separated some tips to better enjoy the season in the comfort of home. Check out!

Warm up the environment

Brazil is a tropical country and most buildings are designed to be fresh and airy. For the internal rooms, electric fireplaces, cushions and blankets are requested charming to decorate the house.

To continue using the outdoor areas, the solar pool heater and electric space heaters are good options, especially for party days, weekends between friends and other special occasions.

Catch up on reading

Take advantage of free time and the quiet of cold days to catch up on your readings. Just a quiet place, comfortable and warm clothes to immerse yourself in your favorite literary genres.

There is no shortage of digital books and Public Domain options to rediscover classics or dive into new universes.

Movie screening with friends

The is no reason to leave social life aside. Prepare the living room with blankets, cushions, pop the popcorn and invite friends to watch a good movie.

There is a great diversity of classic and current titles, for all tastes and ages, mainly on streaming platforms such as Netflix, Crackle, HBO G, among others.

Explore your culinary skills

While summer calls for lighter meals, winter is conducive to preparations that warm the body and soul. Hot drinks, chocolates, typical dishes of the June festivities and sweets, soups, broths, sweet and savory fondue chocolates and other recipes with more intense spices, such as those from Northeastern, Indian and Mexican cuisine, combine with the season.

Take the opportunity to redecorate

As in winter we spend more time at home, how about frightening boredom and giving a fresh look to the environments? Platforms like Pinterest can bring a host of new decorating ideas.

For those who like to do everything on their own, be sure to follow tutorials like “do it yourself” and explore the possibilities for new creations.

Relax and take care of yourself

Enjoy the privacy of your home by disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Take time for yourself!

A warm bath helps the body's muscles to relax. Those who like to take care of their skin and hair can create their own spa day with the products that are at hand right there on the bathroom shelf.

Make a playlist of your favorite songs, create nice lighting, do some stretching and take the opportunity to rest and relax with a tea or a good wine. Who said that cold days are not the best choice to warm the heart, right?

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