5 tips for organizing a fun and unforgettable lingerie shower

Before the wedding, it is customary to hold some events to socialize with friends and family and also to get a little help to complete the utensils that will be part of the new home. They are bachelor parties, bridal shower, bridal shower and bar tea, for example. But among brides, what has stood out most recently is lingerie tea.

Event organizer Betta Lima explains that this is an exclusive event for women. “It is a lot of fun, because the bride and her guests can exchange experiences and play games. It is like a Clube da Luluzinha, where girls can talk about any topic they want and have lots of laughs. It is a moment of complicity between friends ”, she comments.

The main purpose of the lingerie shower is to present the bride with lingerie that she can take on the honeymoon trip or use on the wedding night. The party can be organized by the bride herself or by the bridesmaids, friends and family. And, to assist in this task, Betta Lima separated some fundamental tips:

Organization – with the guest list in hand, the person responsible for the party must define the location, whether it will be in a salon or the home of one of the friends. It is important to choose a place where everyone is comfortable to have fun. The ideal is to book on a weekend, so that everyone can attend and send the invitation with time, address and date, in advance to schedule. It can be via email, whatsapp or creating a Facebook group, for example.

What to serve Metro bread, cold cuts, pies, savory cake and snacks are practical options that please most. Sweets and cupcakes with romantic themes, heart and lingerie like panties, bra and corset are good requests to match the mood of the wedding. For drinks, beers, juices and soft drinks are the basics. If the bride prefers something more sophisticated, she can serve wine, sparkling wine and drinks.

Decoration – the theme can be romantic, opting for softer tones pulling to the palette of pastel colors, pink or more sensual using warm colors like red. Everything will depend, mainly, on the bride's taste and personality and also on the creativity to create a relaxed and cozy atmosphere.

Gifts list – must contain items indicated by the bride herself, with information on size, model she likes and pieces with which she feels comfortable. Some suggestions are: loose panties or bras, nightgowns (short or long), panties and bra set, robes, corsets (if the bride likes it), baby doll and even sex shop items. The bride can also indicate a store of her choice and provide the address, either physical or online, in the invitation.

Fun – to liven up the party, you can’t miss an animated playlist with the bride’s favorite songs. Organize some games are also great to enhance the event. The most classic is for the bride to guess the gift and, if she misses, she must pay a “punishment”, if she gets it right, the person who gave it is the one who pays. They can also hold a parade in which the bride displays gifts.

Another very fun idea that yields a lot of laughs is to play "happened to me", which works as follows: the guests write on paper unusual and funny situations that happened to them, put them in a pot and the bride must guess who lived each an.

Another suggestion is the “hot potato” game. In a box you should put several accessories that are related to lingerie tea. They all sit around and pass the box from hand to hand while a song is playing. Whoever has it in hand when the sound stops should take one of the accessories and use it for the rest of the party.

There are several possibilities and the guests can use their imagination to create games that are pleasant and relaxed. But the person responsible for the activities must know the bride well and take care that nothing is proposed that makes her uncomfortable. After all, the goal is just to have a lot of fun!

Finally, Betta advises that if friends and family choose to organize a surprise lingerie tea, they should be responsible for all tasks, including the gift list and make sure that the suggestions are in accordance with the bride's preferences. In addition, they must make sure that she does not suspect anything and agree on how they will take her to the place on the scheduled date. But, be it surprise or not, the main task is to make everything happen with a lot of love, so that the party is unforgettable!

About Betta Lima Eventos

Betta Lima Eventos is an agency specialized in events, ranging from baptisms, weddings, corporate events to casting and film production. Betta Lima, owner of the agency of the same name, has a degree in advertising and marketing and an MBA in Marketing. He has worked as an RTV and service in advertising agencies; created and produced corporate events for Microsoft, AlphaVille Urbanismo, Ambev, Azeite Gallo, Ecovias, Dolce Morumbi Magazine, Trend Foods Group (Gendai and China in Box), Shopping Comercial do Prado, Open Text, etc. Besides that, she loves being a wedding advisor and has already produced parties at the Nossa Senhora do Brasil Church, São José do Jardim Europa Church, Anglican Cathedral, Scandinavian Church, Nossa Senhora do Salvador Mother Parish (Torta Cross), Leopolldo Group, Villa Bisutti, Espaço Villa Lobos and even at the Sea Club of IlhaBela.


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