5 physical activities for kids this summer

School holidays are there and parents' biggest concern arises: what to do with the children at home during this period? Although it seems like a challenging task, the good news is that there are numerous options for physical activities to keep your kids entertained in the summer!

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It is very important that they take advantage of this time of year to have fun, play outdoors and play sports. After all, a physically active child is a healthy child! In addition to the physical benefits, such as strengthening the muscles and better disposition, regular exercise has benefits for the mental health of the little ones.

So less television and cell phones and more activities this summer! Next, check out some ideas to practice with the little ones in the hottest season of the year. And, remember: if the activity is outdoors, don't forget to apply sunscreen, avoid the sun during the strongest period and stay hydrated!

  1. Creamdog

In addition to being fun, regular swimming has significant health benefits for children, doing good for the heart, lungs and respiratory system. Learning to swim from a young age also improves coordination, balance and flexibility, in addition to contributing to better stamina and also breathing. Swimming has numerous benefits and has yet another positive point: it is a sport with little impact and does not stress the joints. Plus, it's a great way to relieve heat and release energy!

  1. martial arts

Another physical activity option for children is martial arts, such as karate, judo or jiu jitsu. Classes are an excellent alternative to keep small assets at the same time having fun. Many of the warm-up exercises involve series of bending, jumping and stretching, in addition to the movements of the martial art itself. This activity also requires proper clothing and, as it is a contact sport, it is possible that the white kimono can easily get dirty. So, to keep your outfit always up to date, here's how to wash your gi and get your little one's uniform ready for the next workout!

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  1. Ride a bike

Simple and always fun, riding a bicycle can be the best stimulus that was needed to switch from television to an outdoor activity! In addition to moving your entire body and being a great source of energy, a nice bike ride can be an adventure through the neighborhood: discovering new streets and parks. Always remember to carry out constant maintenance and always use the appropriate safety equipment – from knee pads to helmet. A safe ride is always more fun!

  1. Basketball

Which child doesn't like to play ball, doesn't he? Basketball is a vigorous sport, which involves a lot of running, jumping and other movements such as dribbling, passing and throwing the ball. Therefore, this sport will help to tone the body and develop stronger muscles, important factors for the growth of children. In addition, participating in a basketball game is an excellent opportunity to leave the house, make new friends and socialize!

  1. Skateboard

The whole body moves when skating – feet, legs and arms work together in search of the perfect balance. Skateboarding helps to develop motor coordination, in addition to requiring balance and attention – especially when trying different maneuvers!

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In addition to the sports and physical activities listed, simple day-to-day play also helps in the development of children's physical skills and can include the whole family, such as:

  • Play soccer
  • Jump rope
  • Hula hoop
  • Magpie
  • Hopscotch

Did you like the ideas? If you are looking for more inspiration for activities with the little ones this summer, see more tips here!

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