5 fun activities to do with kids on vacation

Awaited by ten out of ten children, school holidays are a period that for the little ones is just fun, but that for parents can also mean a certain concern. This is because many children today see holidays as an opportunity to stay indoors, in front of the television, playing video games or glued to the computer.

Finding a balance between children's activities at this time is a big challenge. At the same time that we must leave them free to enjoy the much-deserved vacation, we also have the responsibility to stimulate activities that aim at their intellectual, physical, motor and social development.

For example, how many children today know how to make origami, play classic games like spinning, or produce their own toy, amid so many technological options? So today we decided to bring five ideas of playful and educational activities to entertain the kids during the summer holidays.


Making origami is a simple activity, but it requires excellent motor coordination, in addition to being great for improving concentration, as it requires precision. But it can also be a lot of fun! A few pieces of colored paper, some guidance and attention are enough. To learn how to get started and get tips on how to make origami, see this article.


Some activities besides bringing intellectual benefits are also great for exercising the little ones. This is the case of the good old “hopscotch”, in which the child has to jump inside squares drawn on the floor with crayons, a very traditional game, but which has gradually lost space in the use of tablets and cell phones. An interesting idea to do on the sidewalk of your home or on the asphalt, on Sundays, when some streets close to cars.


Another option for physical activity is the "silly", which is played with a ball. The participants make a circle with one person in the middle and start passing the ball at random, the player who is in the center of the wheel has to try to touch the ball, if successful, the last player who passed the ball to be the new “ silly".


The activities considered playful bring much more than just physical and intellectual benefits, they are also great for bringing children closer together, increasing their friendship circles. Today's games have become more and more individual, so forming a circle of friends to play “ciranda” will certainly be very beneficial for the social life of children.

5. Job's Slaves

If you are looking for something calmer, preferably to be played indoors, the classic “Escravos de Job” is certainly a good option to be rescued, which involves singing, group work and exercises coordination well, since it requires that certain movements are made according to the music. Besides being fun, it is simple and can be played anywhere, as the participants sit, passing stones, bags full of beans or other objects.

There is no shortage of games and games, what you need to do is find the best way to stimulate your child's curiosity and interest, no matter if it will be teaching you how to make origami or playing with a ball, the important thing is to show that there are different means of fun that can be practiced anywhere, even during the family vacation trip, isn't it?

10 activities to do with kids on vacation

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