5 activity routes to enjoy Children's Day on Avenida Paulista

Itinerary on Avenida Paulista gathers from circus to Brazilian drinks and board games for children's day

On Friday, October 12, Children's Day is celebrated. Like Christmas, the date is one of the most awaited by the little ones and the expectation for gifts is enormous. Family activities and travel, however, have a more positive impact on children's overall well-being and happiness than winning gifts, according to research by the Journal of Commercial Research. With that in mind, establishments located on Avenida Paulista, in São Paulo, have a special program to make the holiday even more fun. Check out:

1. Itaú Cultural

At 11 am on Friday, Itaú Cultural promotes the “Games Center” free of charge. The initiative provides traditional toys – such as spinning top and shuttlecock – and board games from the past. Amid technological innovation, the activity brings nostalgia to parents and new experiences for children. The project is free and free for everyone;

2. Splash

When hunger strikes, parents and children can go to Splash, cafes and urban drinks. The varied menu includes coffees, açaí, cakes, muffins, cookies, snacks, puddings and the brand's flagship, Fraplash. Initially launched for the June party, the drink with paçoca remained on the menu due to its popularity. Ideal for the sweet taste of children, it also refreshes the heat. Other options to increase the Fraplash of the little ones are strawberry or brigadeiro. For those who like to take pictures, Splash has a corridor decorated in the style of Japanese designer Yayoi Kusama and is intended for selfies. It is a different space to record memories between parents and children;

3. Centro Cultural Fiesp

With the motto “Every time a child draws a monster, it comes to life in the Monstrous World of Monsters”, the Cultural Center creates a special program for the little ones. Children from seven years old can participate in the doll making workshop. At 3:30 pm on Friday, participants will learn how to create one of the characters in the "World of Monsters" with the actors-manipulators of the show;

4. Casa das Rosas

The iconic Casa das Rosa creates a different visit to delight children. In a playful way, visitors will learn about the museum's history using clues and traces. The activity starts at 3 pm on Friday, but you must arrive in advance to guarantee one of the 15 places on the tour;

5. Shopping Cidade São Paulo

To cause laughter in adults and children, Shopping Cidade São Paulo promotes “Circus in the City” on the 4th floor of the building. During the 6th, 7th, 12th, 13th and 14th of October, visitors can participate for free in circus activities. The little ones will learn tricks and techniques of the riding arena in the various workshops given.

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