4 rules to feel good about yourself

to be happy and satisfied

All around us, we hear about happiness, pleasures … but ultimately very few people manage to become happy in their lives. Often, advertisers try to sell us this happiness. However, it is not by buying a new car, a new dress or a new suit that we will increase our self-confidence. If it were that simple, everyone would have achieved this goal.

It is quite possible to feel good about yourself and to be happy without having big income or a big car etc. Our biggest enemy in this quest for happiness and self-confidence is the gaze of others.

Here are some useful tips:

1 – Stop systematically comparing yourself to others

In order to feel fulfilled, you must learn to listen to yourself. To do this, ask yourself the right questions.

What do you really need? Who do you want to be with? How do you see your life? …

Often we want the same thing as those around us. We want to show that we, too, are able to obtain what the neighbor (friends, colleague, family …) has. The fear of being judged very often forces us to make decisions that are not the ones we really want. Tell yourself that you can't please everyone!

2 – Stop always wanting more

Since childhood, we have been taught to always aim higher, further and to always want more. This is one of the worst advice anyone can give … It is indeed a way of thinking that makes millions, see billions of people, unhappy or bad about themselves.

Check out what you already have before you want more!


3 – Love yourself!

Take the time to look at yourself in the mirror and list the things you like at home, and on the contrary the parts of your body that you find it hard to bear. Then ask close friends or family to do the same and then give you their advice. You will see, they will certainly be much nicer than you. Indeed, teverything is going on in the head! When we spot an imperfection at home (even normal, nobody is perfect), we see nothing more than that. However, imperfections very often also make the charm of the person.

Also step back on magazines, TV shows on beauty etc. who tend to show you "fake" people. Botox, breast implant, fight against wrinkles, baldness … This world is not reality, it is a completely superficial world!

The fear of being judged prevents you from meeting, talking, in short, being open to your environment. You must understand the importance of loving yourself and therefore of having self-confidence.

4 – Relieve stress

I’m not teaching you anything, to feel good about yourself you have to have peace of mind. Go out, do sports, go see a good movie, an exhibition, take a trip, a bike ride, etc. Free yourself from your stress!

Changing your outlook on yourself and becoming good about yourself is a long and difficult step… However, everything happens in our heads.

Try applying these few simple tips and you should normally see an improvement. It is possible to devote entire books to this subject and these few tips are in reality only food for thought. If you also have advice, comments to add, or if you want a second article for more information … let us know with a little comment.

And you, do you have any advice to feel Good Feel ?

What do you think?

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