3 tips to always have a smile!

How to be positive: 3 tips to always have a smile!

You do not know how to positively and have a smile in your daily life? Looking for answers to build confidence and let go of your life? What are the tips and the best tips to succeed in seeing life in pink even when nothing is looming as you want?

Sometimes you do not feel at the top of your day without knowing exactly why. You feel like you're not living the life you want but you still hope to find positive.

In this article, I will give you 3 tips that I personally use to find the smile when everything goes wrong or simply when I do not feel very well.

You can apply them today to change your life and to smile again and again.

Positive knowing is an essential need to avoid allowing negative emotions to take over but also to help you reach your dreams and get everything you want in your life. I often say in coaching that the happiest people are those who follow their desires, who learn to have fun.

If you have ideas or want to share your tips, do not hesitate to comment, I answer each of you 🙂

1 / Make yourself smile and talk to people around you!

I am one of those who think that human energy is contagious. It is true that it's never easy to smile or talking to strangers but if you first force yourself to smile and to engage in a positive dialogue with all the people around you (baker, friends, cashiers, waiter …), I can guarantee you that you will have far more results than you think on your way to positively your life.

So it's a good time to display your most beautiful "smile", to engage in dialogue with a simple "Hello, how are you? ". The discussion will come alone and you can feed on human energy and sharing.

You will see that these two actions will allow you to ignore your little ball in the stomach that you have trouble understanding or interpret. You will delocalize your thoughts to focus on a small action to achieve in order to follow your goal: to become a positive person in all circumstances.

2 / Make yourself a priority !!!

During my experience as a coach in personal development, I realized that very often you had a tendency to want to please everyone but at the same time to forget you.

This is one of the reasons that prevents you from being positive and taking full control of your life. I propose you during the next 10 days to be able to make you go in priority!

You will have the right to say "NO, I can not" or even "NO, I do not want to". You can take time to work less, to read a book you like, to listen to music, to set a salsa course that you want to achieve for years …

We say together "STOP" to procrastination and above all we admit that you can be positive by making you happy.

When I talk about coaching, the first thing I do is to say, "But Alex, I do not want to sound selfish." I am sure you are a very beautiful person and that you will only spread happiness, well-being and that it will help you to become more positive every day!

learn to positively to find the smile

3 / What if we created a morning routine?

If I have to give you a tip to be positive on a daily basis: everything starts at the foot of the bed! It's really the first minutes of your day that can help you to feel better, to be positive, to be happy or joyful and especially to boost your energy.

Take a few minutes each morning to meditate on the missions of the day, to set goals, challenges or important actions to achieve ABSOLUTELY.

You will be able to attack the floor your day also after a few minutes of release thanks to a sport session at home.

Feel free to pamper yourself by preparing your favorite breakfast.

In short, each morning you must have 30 to 45 minutes just for you and that will help you spend the best day of your life. This little ritual will allow you to have a full life and to know how to be positive when small constraints appear.

If you need help with this, I encourage you to read Hal Erold's "Miracle Morning" book, which will help you take control of your life from dawn!

You now know my tips to know how to be positive in all circumstances. Leave the excuses and negative emotions aside. Your life can be beautiful if you take it in hand and if you apply these 3 tips today and for the next 10 days.

If you want to share your tips or advice, do not hesitate to do it in the comments. I encourage you to apply these 3 tips in your life today and most importantly, trust yourself, you will become broadcasters of happiness.


Alexandre CORMONT, your coach in personal development for a better life and to know how to be positive in all circumstances.

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