3 home organization tips for newlyweds

Marriage celebrations, despite being moments of achievement, are accompanied by questions about the sudden change in habits. Among the doubts of the couple, the organization of the home must be evaluated with patience. With that in mind, Érica Duarte, coordinator of the organization and decoration division at Telhanorte, gives tips to create a more organized routine that can make a difference in this new phase for two.

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1 – When starting the home organization and renovation processes, it is important for the couple to identify the causes of the poor organization and how much time is wasted with tidying up the environment. “Some newlyweds, when moving, take household items that are unnecessary for the property, taking up more space and contributing to the mess. It is essential that the newly married couple make a list of the items that are causing the disorganization and the time lost with housework, in addition to the rooms that can cause disorder in the home ”, highlights Érica.

2- Another important tip is that the couple does not postpone the problem for another moment, as it can become something impactful within the relationship. “The disorganized property can also cause stressful situations between the couple, especially at the beginning of the marriage. The sooner the problem is diagnosed, the better the couple's quality of life in the short term ”, emphasizes the coordinator.

3 – In order to have an effectively organized home, the use of household items is essential. “Currently, it is possible to find a wide range of organizing products. A folding shoe rack, a large basket for storing dirty clothes and wide hangers are interesting alternatives that help the couple to leave the environments comfortable and visually pleasant ”, points out the professional.

Check out some essential products for the newlyweds to keep the spaces organized and that are available in Telhanorte units:

  • Large rectangular cork clothes basket with white and brown handles by Coisas e Coisinhas.
  • Ordene semi-flexible shoe rack.
  • Double coat rack in chrome steel from Coisas e Coisinhas brand.

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